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Chris Cuomo – Recent interviews about his struggle with COVID-19

Most people who are becoming infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are not very vocal about it. A few celebrities have made brief press statements through their agents, but nobody seems to be sharing details about their struggle with the virus. This is partly due to people being generally unwilling to share health information, but also because for many the severity of the disease and the need to rest make it difficult to do much of anything. So, people are not physically able to provide daily video updates about their condition. CNN News Anchor, Chris Cuomo, has been continuing his regular reporting and has been sharing his personal experience of what it’s like having COVID-19. Cuomo learned he had the virus on 31 Mar 2020. Selected interviews are below on chronological order.

CNN (8 Apr 2020)

Cuomo says Covid-19 symptoms are ‘depressing,’ wearing him down. CNN’s Chris Cuomo speaks to Dr. Sanjay Gupta about his recent coronavirus symptoms and how he’s been managing his illness at home.

CNN (6 Apr 2020)

Chris Cuomo opens up about Covid-19 fight. CNN’s Chris Cuomo talks about advice given to him by a pulmonary expert on how to fight Covid-19 and says you have to fight back against the virus to beat it.

CNN (6 Apr 2020)

Chris Cuomo shares chest X-rays after coronavirus diagnosis. CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who is in isolation after testing positive for coronavirus, discusses his chest X-ray with Dr. Sanjay Gupta as he continues to battle the sickness.

CNN (2 Apr 2020)

Chris Cuomo on life with Covid-19: The beast comes out at night. CNN’s Chris Cuomo describes what his experience has been like with the Covid-19 coronavirus.

CNN (1 Apr 2020)

See Gov. Cuomo’s heartfelt message to his ‘little brother’ and ‘best friend’ Chris. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke about his brother Chris Cuomo, lauding him for continuing to anchor his show on CNN to show people what it could look like to have coronavirus.

Pre-Diagnosis Commentary

CNN (17 Mar 2020)

Chris Cuomo gets personal: Coronavirus scares me as a parent. CNN’s Chris Cuomo shares a moment with his son about keeping things in perspective during the coronavirus pandemic.

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