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Plug-in Electric Vehicles – Resource Page

Below are some videos and other resources for recent news and resources relating to Plug-in Electric Vehicles. This document may be periodically updated with additional resources.

Engineering Explained (7 Oct 2020)

5 Reasons You Should (Not) Buy An Electric Car – “Buying a new car is a big decision, and there are an abundance of choices. Among those choices are powertrain, like gasoline, diesel, hybrid, plug-in, hydrogen, or electric. Making the switch to electric can be intimidating, how do you know if an electric car is right for you? In this video we’ll cover five aspects of buying an electric car, and discuss for each reason why you may (or may not) want to buy an EV. Those five aspects include: cost, convenience, charging, driving, and the environment.”

The Fast Lane Car (4 Nov 2019)

Here’s Why Charging an Electric Car Can Suck – And It’s Not The Reason You Think! – “Keeping electric cars charged seems like such an easy process: plug the car into power and wait a while. But in reality keeping cars like our Tesla Model X fully charged can actually be quite the challenge. In this video we take a look at the different charging options to learn which is the easiest, the most intuitive and the fastest way to keep your electric vehicle car charged. This applies to all new and used electric vehicles. From the Nissan Leaf, to the Tesla Model 3 to even the Fiat 500e if you are thinking of owning or own one of these full electrics, this video is for you!”

Engineering Explained (2 Dec 2018)

Living With An Electric Car Changed My Mind – “Living with an electric car for six months changed my mind about how I feel about them. I have range anxiety. When you’re driving a Nissan Leaf, it has the equivalent energy in the battery pack of less than two gallons of gasoline. That not only tells you how energy dense gasoline is, but also how wildly efficient electric cars are, as the Leaf gets 150 miles on the equivalent of 1.2 gallons of gas. And while the benefits of electric cars are clear, for example instant torque, quiet ride, low CG, and much more emissions friendly, they do come with lower range and longer recharging times versus filling a gasoline tank. So after living with a 151 mile range Nissan Leaf for 6 months, how do I now feel about EVs? Quite different, actually. Check out the video for full details!”

Engineering Explained (31 Oct 2018)

Are Electric Cars Worse For The Environment? Myth Busted – “Electric cars are touted as a solution for reducing emissions and improving the environmental impacts of transportation, but are electric cars actually any better for the environment than gasoline cars? This video looks to answer three main questions: (1) Doesn’t EV battery production cause a lot of emissions? (2) Don’t electric cars get their power from fossil fuels? (3) Isn’t lithium mining terrible for the environment?”

By Greg Johnson

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