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Nainital India Photo Galleries and Video Tour of Lake Naini

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nainital india colorful boatsSummary. This page offers general information about Nainital, India. This is part of a series studying Indian culture and urban planning.

“I was very impressed during my time in Nainital, India with how clean the area was. This is partly the result of stiff penalties for littering. Plastic bags are illegal in Nainital, so they won’t be found in use at local shops. Lake Naini is meticulously cared for, including a complete aeration system to ensure freshness of the water. As a result, the lake is full of fish. From what I could see, there was nobody fishing. This is probably due to the predominant Indian culture of compassion toward all living creatures. From casual observation, there were very few people smoking, and most of them were smoking what seemed to be a natural chemical-free rolled tobacco. I’m usually bothered by second-hand smoke because of the chemicals and toxins in commercial cigarettes, but I wasn’t bothered by the second-hand smoke here. It’s not hard to find nutritious and delicious vegetarian food here since that’s the standard diet of most people. As a result, the restaurants were plentiful and quite good.” ~ Gregory Johnson

Photos. Follow the links below to photo galleries of Nainital, India.

Video. Below is a video tour of Nainital, India hosted by Gregory Johnson.

By Greg Johnson

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