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Anderson Erickson Old Fashioned Ranch Peppercorn Cottage Cheese — Product Review

Anderson Erickson (AE) is a midwest provider of dairy products based in Des Moines, Iowa. Their Old Fashioned Cottage Cheese product is considered an industry standard of excellence by which all other cottage cheese products are measured. [Learn More]

As of 28 March 2021, The HyVee in Coralville, Iowa has been offering some of the unique cottage cheese flavors from Anderson Erickson including Old Fashioned Ranch Peppercorn Cottage Cheese. This flavor is not listed on the cottage cheese page of the AE website. It’s a specialty flavor that may not be readily available in area grocery stores.

This specialty flavor is based on their Old Fashioned cottage cheese offering, and it has all the desirable hallmark characteristics of the Old Fashioned cottage cheese with perfectly sized curds and sweet milk liquid to round out the flavor.

Although the Ranch Peppercorn product references “Ranch” as a flavor, it has predominantly flavors of fresh onion, fresh garlic, and fresh ground black pepper. You will probably agree that it is nothing like eating a tub of Ranch dressing, but takes on the flavor of the fresh ingredients.

The product description states “Small Curd” but thankfully the curds are consistent with the original Old Fashioned product, ranging from small to large.

Overall, the product rating is a 10 out of 10, and definitely recommended as a “must try” product for those who like cottage cheese.

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By Greg Johnson

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