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Wildlife Habitat News 2022

five zebra grazing on grass field
Photo by Hendrik Cornelissen on Pexels.com


This page offers general reports of wildlife habitat news and the condition of various species around the world. Additional news will be added over time.

BBC News (13 Oct 2022)

“Wildlife in decline by almost 70% since 1970, says report” — Animal populations across the world have dropped by almost 70% since 1970, according to a new report, prompting a desperate plea for global support. The Living Planet assessed the abundance of almost 32,000 populations of 5,230 worldwide species of animals, birds, amphibians, fish and reptiles. The World Wildlife Fund for Nature said governments, businesses, and the public must take action to reverse the destruction of biodiversity.

The Royal Society (11 Oct 2021)

“Why is biodiversity important – with Sir David Attenborough” — Biodiversity is under intense pressure from human activity worldwide. David Attenborough explains why biodiversity is so important to humans, how biodiversity loss is impacting our world and how there is still time to change direction – if we act now.

CBS Mornings (7 May 2019)

“Million animals, plants at risk of extinction due to human activities, U.N. report says” — About one million species of animals and plants around the world are now at risk of extinction, in part due to pollution and over-fishing. A new United Nations report says nature is essential for our existence and a good quality of life, but point to a stark warning: humans are transforming the planet’s natural habitat at an unprecedented rate. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

Andrew Currie – TEDx Talks (12 Oct 2010)

“TEDxBoulder – Andrew Currie – Protecting Endangered Species for Future Generations” — Andrew Currie discusses the importance of the preservation of wildlife now, and in the future.

By Greg Johnson

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