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Winter Storm News 2022

white suv on road near snow covered trees
Photo by Chris Peeters on Pexels.com


Winter arrived two months early from some this year. On 18 Oct 2022, midwest states were unexpectedly hit with with snow reaching as far south as Kentucky and Tennessee. Trees, with leaves still on them, toppled over from what seems to be excessive weight of snow that would later in the year not accumulate on leaves.

East of the Rockies temperatures were 10 to 25 degrees below average, with 86 million impacted by freezing temperatures. Record cold temperatures are possible in 18 states for several days starting on 19 Oct 2022.

This page will provide news about winter weather for 2022. More will be added to this page from October through December 2022.

CBS News (18 Oct 2022)

“50 million in U.S. face below-freezing temperatures” — Fall is feeling like winter in parts of the upper Midwest as a weather system brings cool temperatures and snow. More than a foot of snow blanketed parts of Michigan, while other states like Wisconsin saw almost six inches. Omar Villafranca has the details.

NBC News (18 Oct 2022)

“86 Million Americans Under Freeze Alerts Across 25 States” — The frigid blast is blanketing parts of the Midwest in snow, especially in northern Michigan and Wisconsin where a storm knocked out power for thousands and forced schools to close.

Today (18 Oct 2022)

“Parts Of Midwest Get A Foot Of Snow In Early Winter Storm” — An early winter storm dropped more than a foot a snow in parts of Wisconsin and Michigan while Chicago saw its first flurries of the season. NBC’s Maggie Vespa reports for TODAY and Al Roker is tracking the latest forecast.

By Greg Johnson

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