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Book Report 2022

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This page offers some commentary on books for those interested in reading as an alternative to social media and source for a way to stimulate the mind. These entries are in chronological order with source and date as a heading. Some commentary is provided at the top of the page.


TIME TRAVEL — Part of the enjoyment of books is the ability to get lost in a story and taken away to another place and time. For example, in Path of the Baal Shem Tov the reader is taken to Eastern Europe of the 1700s and immersed in the life of an orphan named Israel ben Eliezer who later became the founder of Hassidism. He continues to be in the news today — being remembered and appreciated by people around the word. So, books can also have a way of bringing the past to the present where relevance and meaning continues.

NOURISHMENT — We know that the practice of regular reading is food for the mind and the soul. When the mind and soul are well fed, this also brings wellness to the body. For those who like healthy food on their plate, the equivalent can be found in books; like good nutrition for the mind and soul. Books that are uplifting, insightful, and inspiring can help us grow and live our best life.

BETTER TECH — The technical complexity of learning and entertainment in the Information Age can be costly, time consuming, and stressful. The disruptions of notifications, the bright lights of displays, the manufactured urgency of social media, these all become draining and erode one’s sense of groundedness and peace. Books are a simple, quiet, inspiring, accessible technology. Even with a simple electronic ebook reader, one finds a greater focus while reading compared to more complicated devices. The continuity of reading longer writings provides a different experience than rapidly scrolling through social media.

GREAT VALUE — For about $1, it’s possible to purchase the Complete Harvard Classics 2022 Edition. [View] This is a 71-volume collection with each volume containing many classics. It’s a great place to start for those wanting a portable small library.


Below are suggestions from book enthusiasts. These also convey some of the enthusiasm that people find in reading books.

Murphy Napier (21 Dec 2022)

“Top 10 Books of the Year | Best Books of 2022” — [Source Video | Channel]

PBS (15 Dec 2022)

“Literary critics give their takes on the best of books of 2022” — As the year comes to an end, we’re taking a look at some of the best writing of 2022. Jeffrey Brown sat down with literary critics Gilbert Cruz of The New York Times and Maureen Corrigan of NPR to discuss their favorite books. It’s for our arts and culture series, “CANVAS.”[Source]

Laura Jay (2 Oct 2022)

“Easton Press Deluxe The Grapes of Wrath” — Easton Press Deluxe edition of The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck! I recently read this book and loved it and am so happy to have this amazing edition! [Source]

Laura Jay (18 Sep 2022)

“Vintage Books! (first editions!)” — Sharing some vintage first editions of some classics! Including authors John Steinbeck, Ken Kesey, Richard Wright and Upton Sinclair! [Source]

Sara Carrolli (9 Sep 2022)

“20+ fall book recommendations + my fall tbr!” — [Source]

Carolyn Castagna (6 Sep 2022)

“(long) classic books that are actually worth your time!” — Interested in reading a long classic, but don’t know which ones are actually worth your time? I’m here to (hopefully) help! [Source]

Carolyn Castagna (30 Aug 2022)

“Classic books that won’t take you forever to read!!!” — 16 short classics that won’t take you forever to read and are great introductions to the world of Classic Literature!!! [Source]

The Cottage Fairy (31 Jul 2022)

“Creating my Dream Home Library – my book collection and favorite stories” — Making my Dream Home Library. Books have always been such an important part of my own life that I cannot imagine what it would be without them. I hope that you enjoy making this home library with me and find some new books you might love. [Source]

Laura Jay (19 Jun 2022)

“Why these books are worth collecting” — Folio Society, Easton Press, Suntup Press, Cemetery Dance, and more! What makes these books so special?? Why do I love collecting them?? Why do they cost more than your average book?? [Source]

Laura Jay (29 May 2022)

“Updated bookshelf tour! folio society, Easton Press, Suntup Press and more!” — Yet another bookshelf tour! I am always happy to talk about my rare book collection and show off my bookshelf! I have vintage books, Stephen Kind editions, signed editions, a Jeff Vandermeer collection and more! [Source]

Laura Jay (26 May 2022)

“What I’ve learned from self help books” — I have read a number of self help books through the years as well as self help type podcasts, here I share some of what I have learned and which self book I have gotten the most out of! [Source]

Karla Espinosa (10 May 2022)

“the BEST romance books I’ve ever read” — [Source]

Ali Abdaal (21 Mar 2022)

“My Bookshelf Tour + Recommendations” — This video is a not-so-little talk through every single book on my bookshelf… Enjoy the ride, and let me know in the comments which one of these books you like the most. [Source]

Steph Bohrer (23 Feb 2022)

“the only books I have ever given 5 stars – part 2” — finally giving you all of the additions to my 5 star list since JUNE 2021!!!! hope you enjoyed seeing all of my favorite books ever [Source] Part 1 from 3 Jun 2021 is available on YouTube. [View]

Ava Jules (29 Dec 2021)

“Books You NEED to Read in 2022 *my favorite books that you’ll LOVE” — Books You NEED to Read in 2022 *my favorite books that you’ll LOVE & make you love reading again. [Source]

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