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Healthcare System News 2022


This page offers news about the state of healthcare workers and facilities during times of being overwhelmed. Entries are chronological with the source and date used as the header.

NBC (18 Nov 2022)

“Primary Care Doctors Report Burn Out” — With flu season surging, RSV sending many sick children to the hospital, and Covid-19 still very present, primary care physicians are feeling run down. NBC Medical Fellow Dr. Akshay Syal reports on how doctors are combatting their emotional and physical distress as fears grow over a “tripledemic.” [Source]

ABC News (26 Oct 2022)

“‘Tripledemic?’ Why doctors are worried about hospitals filling up this winter” — Dr. Alok Patel, an ABC News medical contributor, breaks down why dovetailing increases in COVID-19, influenza and RSV could leave hospitals overwhelmed this winter. [Source]

NBC News (25 Oct 2022)

“Tripledemic Puts U.S. Hospitals In ‘Crisis Mode’” — Many U.S. hospitals are now out of pediatric ER beds due to a dangerous viral tripledemic: the flu, coronavirus, and RSV. President Biden is urging Americans to get both flu and Covid boosters by Halloween. NBC News’ Tom Costello has more details. [Source]

TODAY (25 Oct 2022)

“‘Tripledemic’ Concerns Rise As Flu, COVID And RSV Cases Converge” — Some hospitals are now over capacity with flu, respiratory illnesses and new COVID variants combining for an unprecedented surge. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports for TODAY. [Source]

CBC News (24 Oct 2022)

“Another COVID-19 winter is coming. Here’s how to prepare” — Heading into a third pandemic winter, COVID hospitalizations in Canada are up, vaccine uptake is down and new variants are circulating. But experts say we’re not completely in the dark, and some of the tools to get through it are already in our hands. [Source]

By Greg Johnson

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