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Hyper-Criminality Report 2023

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Summary This page examines hyper-criminality as it impacts the justice system and society. This article is does not intend to condone or glamorize criminal behavior, but instead looks for ways to redirect the energy of those with hyper-criminal tendencies. Some videos are referenced as resources to provide a synopsis insight into significant personalities. Brief Overview… Continue reading Hyper-Criminality Report 2023

Poor Logic – Low Impact 2023

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Summary An ongoing theme on this website is the study of ineffective and counterproductive initiatives. This page offers news and resources examining how poor logic leads to low impact efforts. Heat Seeking for Evidence Sometimes if we know the conclusion we want to arrive at, we seek and selectively share evidence that helps defend and… Continue reading Poor Logic – Low Impact 2023

Unity Through Cooperation

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Summary Unity is important for effective business outcomes and broader social wellbeing. Cooperation is the process of identifying the skills, insights, and interests of diverse people and groups, then leveraging those assets for greater outcomes. Cooperation is not Compromise There’s an incorrect belief that cooperation involves compromise. The most effective collaborative efforts happen when people… Continue reading Unity Through Cooperation

Burger King #BKWhopper News 2023

Whopper Lawsuit On 30 Aug 2023, closing out this week’s news cycle, is a headline story about a lawsuit addressing Burger King advertising of the Whopper. The lawsuit claims that Burger King uses false advertising in their presentation of the Whopper as seen in the illustrations below. Misleading Criticism I saw the news reports and… Continue reading Burger King #BKWhopper News 2023

Democracy Report 2023

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Summary This page provides news highlights relating to the wellbeing of Democracy in the United States. Entries are in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Source and date are provided as the header for each entry. You can learn more about the core infrastructure components required for the wellbeing of Democracy by… Continue reading Democracy Report 2023

Social Media Report 2023

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Summary This document provides some highlights of important news and events relating to the impact of social media on society. Entries are below in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Source and date are provided in the heading of each entry. For additional news and context, read “Social Media Report 2022.” News… Continue reading Social Media Report 2023

Population Report 2023

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Summary Population topics and issues are regularly in the news. This page offers news and reports for 2023. For more, read Population Report 2022 and also the Population Resources page. Gardening The gardening image at the top of this page shows quality of life that’s made possible by clean air, quality soil, flourishing pollinators, food… Continue reading Population Report 2023

Indigenous Report 2023

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Summary Indigenous news and topics have grown in the sphere of broader public awareness due to several factors. This page offers some related commentary and news. Maturing in Character A thoughtful individual has awareness of context and surroundings. One begins to look around to see others and consider them — perhaps expressed as holding the… Continue reading Indigenous Report 2023

Gender Report 2023

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Summary June is Pride Month — a time when issues of gender become a focus of news and conversation around the world. This report provides reference to a variety of gender-related topics and news updated for 2023. This is an evolving document and will be updated over time. For more related to this topic, read… Continue reading Gender Report 2023

Diversity Report 2023

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Summary This page provides some news and information related to the topic of diversity in 2023. There are people who support diversity initiatives and those who resist them. This document seeks to provide basic information about diversity. A brief overview of the diversity criticisms is provided, but the rest of this document focuses on benefits… Continue reading Diversity Report 2023

Journalism Report 2023

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Summary This report provides news and information about the state of journalism and news media. This is an evolving reference, so check back for the latest updates. Entries below are in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Headings show the source and date of each entry. Topics The following topics are presented… Continue reading Journalism Report 2023

U.S. Crisis Report 2023

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Summary This page provides an overview of crisis situations in the United States. For world news, read the “Countries in Crisis 2023” report. News reports below are listed in chronological order with headings showing the source and date. Topics include widespread fraud, smash-and-grab organized retail crime, regions of drought, catastrophic floods, homelessness, tornados, gun violence,… Continue reading U.S. Crisis Report 2023