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Barbara Walters 2022

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This page offers some videos honoring the life of Barbara Walters who passed away on Friday, 30 Dec 2022. Videos are in chronological order with the source and date for each entry. A few additional videos were added from the first days of 2023.

The photo at the top of this page is of Boston, the city where Barbara was born.

Good Morning America (2 Jan 2023)

“Connie Chung remembers Barbara Walters” — Chung, a former ABC News anchor and correspondent, talks about her friendship with the late icon and how Walters blazed a trail for women in journalism. [Source]

ABC (1 Jan 2023)


“Remembering the life and career of Barbara Walters: 20/20 ‘Our Barbara’ Part 1” — Colleagues and friends remember Walters and how she became a dominant force as a television news broadcaster and industry legend. [Source]


How Barbara Walters’ childhood influenced her reporting: 20/20 ‘Our Barbara’ Part 2 — Walters said she was “a very serious little girl,” in a 2014 interview describing her own childhood. [Source]

BBC (31 Dec 2022)

“US news anchor Barbara Walters dies aged 93” — US TV broadcaster Barbara Walters has died aged 93, after a career spanning half a century. She became the first US female network news anchor when she joined ABC News in 1976, and is widely regarded as a trailblazer for women in television and journalism. During her career she interviewed a long list of world leaders including Margaret Thatcher, Vladimir Putin, Fidel Castro and every US President from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump. “I have been blessed with a life I never expected,” Walters said back in 2000 as she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. [Source]

Good Morning America (31 Dec 2022)

“Joy Behar remembering Barabara Walters on ‘The View'” — Walters had an idea to bring together women of different backgrounds, generations and views to discuss the hot topics of the day as “The View” is still going strong. [Source]

“Remembering legendary newswoman Barbara Walters” — David Sloan, former executive producer of “20/20” and ABC’s senior national affairs correspondent, Deborah Roberts, recall some of Barbara Walter’s most memorable moments at ABC. [Source]

ABC News (30 Dec 2022)

“Barbara Walters dies at 93” — Legendary journalist and first woman co-anchor of network evening news, Barbara Walters passed away at her home on Friday and ABC News looks back on her pioneering career and inspiring life. [Source]

Below is the longer 1h 29m documentary from ABC News about Barbara Walters posted on 30 Dec 2022.

ABC 7 Chicago (30 Dec 2022)

“Barbara Walters in her own words in 2014” — Barbara Walters sits down to discuss her retirement from television in 2014. [Source]

CNN (30 Dec 2022)

“Legendary news anchor Barbara Walters dead at 93” — Barbara Walters, the first woman to anchor an evening news program, died at 93, according to ABC News. CNN’s Richard Roth looks back at her life and career. [Source]

MSNBC (30 Dec 2022)

“Legendary Journalist Barbara Walters Dies At Age 93” — Barbara Walters, the pioneering TV broadcaster whose career spanned NBC’s “TODAY” show, ABC News, “The View” and countless high-profile interviews, has died at age 93. MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart looks back at Walters’ trailblazing history. [Source]

NBC (30 Dec 2022)

“Barbara Walters Dead At 93” — Pioneering television journalist Barbara Walters has died at 93-years-old. NBC News’ Lester Holt takes a look back at Walters’ groundbreaking career and historic interviews. [Source]

Letterman (26 Jul 1983)

“How Barbara Walters Gets Celebrities To Talk To Her” — Dave tries to find out how Barbara got Willie Nelson to talk to her. From “Late Night,” air date: 7/26/83. Posted again to YouTube on 30 Dec 2022. [Source]

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