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Yearly Themed Reports 2023

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For decades, ResourcesForLife.com has offered content posts on fairly narrow or specific news stories and topics. These posts had minimal revisions and updates after publishing.

In 2022, increasingly, posts took the form of longer articles on topics with numerous news stories and resource links in a single post. These were updated as new relevant information became available.

You can browse old articles and see that this approach had been used in the past. For example, a musician or public figure might have a page with many quotes, excerpts, videos, and links to resource materials. Yet, in 2022, there was an effort to use this format.

Going forward, this method can hopefully be used more for the reasons described below. It’s an approach that’s been used on the site since the late 1990s, but will increasingly be refined in the years ahead.


Here are some of the benefits of these yearly themed reports:

  • PUBLISHING — For the site publisher, this approach makes content additions quicker. Instead of having many short posts which all need their own tags and category selections, the content can just be added to an existing post. Inbound links from a “What’s New” or index page are already in place for the main post. More on this is provided below under the heading “Ease of Content Publishing.”
  • READING — This new format for most of the content helps the reader have access to the latest news, with some past news for context. It’s a single consolidate post for easier reading and saving. Having the year in the post title lets the reader know the timeframe for the post without having to search around on the page for a date.
  • SEO … NO — This content method is not SEO optimized… and that’s okay. Not everything can be or should be optimized for a search engine algorithm. Content should be written for people not robots. Having a web page that, if printed, is 20, 30, or more pages long, really helps the reader have everything in one place. It almost always will result in zero presence in a Google search result because it’s hard to index that many pages in a meaningful way. It’s important to focus on the site visitors and what will improve their experience.
  • SOURCES — The reports rely on trusted established sources and each reference or entry includes the source, author, date, and link. Generally, links to alarmist or speculative references are avoided such as, “Be prepared! Next year the economy may ______” or “A big storm is coming with possibly snowfall as much as _____ feet!” This keeps these yearly themed reports as factual and useful as possible.
  • UPDATING — Having yearly themed reports, allows for new revised reports to be created with each new year if the topic continues to be relevant. Highlights from past years can be brought forward or summarized. A link to the previous year’s report can be provided for those wanting further reading.

Ease of Content Publishing

This method of content curation must improve the reader’s experience, and it does for the reasons listed above.

As an added benefit, this method makes site content management easier and more efficient.

Updating existing posts with additional news and links avoids the following:

  • Creating a new post title.
  • Defining the post date if needed.
  • Choosing a post topic category and keyword tags.
  • Selecting a featured image to use with the post.
  • Linking to the post from any relevant “What’s New” page or page(s) dedicated to the topic of the post.
  • Sharing a link to the post on social media

Instead of doing all that, simply adding the content to an existing report is all that is needed.

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com