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COVID Report 2023


This page provides some reports and news about the ongoing evolution of COVID including new variants and information about long-COVID. Entries below are in chronological order with the source and date shown in each heading.


ABC News (20 Nov 2023)

“New COVID-19 vaccines to be available within weeks” — New Covid vaccines targeting the latest virus variants will arrive in Australia within weeks, with Australians being urged to access these latest jabs as the country deals with its eighth wave of infections. [Source]

CBC News (20 Nov 2023)

“Brace for another big cold and flu season, experts say” — Canadian doctors are bracing for what could be another busy cold and flu season as cases of RSV and influenza are on the rise while COVID-19 continues to circulate. [Source]

60 Minutes (30 Oct 2023)

“Indoor air systems crucial to curbing spread of viruses, aerosol researchers say” — With COVID an ongoing concern and flu season getting started, aerosol researchers say there needs to be a focus on improving the quality of the air we all breathe while inside. [Source]

DW News (13 Sep 2023)

“Why the US is now recommending new COVID-19 vaccine boosters” — The United States government has issued a recommendation that almost all US citizens get annual Coronavirus vaccine shots. The advice comes as US hospitalizations for coronavirus are on the rise. Vaccine shots for children as young as six months have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Hundreds of deaths due to coronavirus are recorded in the US each week. A campaign encouraging people to get vaccinated is due to begin in a few days. [Source]

France 24 (7 Sep 2023)

“WHO warns of ‘concerning’ Covid trends ahead of winter” — Cases of Covid-19 are on the rise again. Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe are believed to be currently hospitalised with the virus. The number of deaths reported is increasing as well, particularly in Asia and concern is growing ahead of winter in the northern hemisphere. FRANCE 24’s James Vasina tells us more. [Source]

Insider News (2 Sep 2023)

“Should We Be Freaking Out About The New COVID Variants?” — The Eris COVID variant has been spreading at an increasing rate and scientists are noticing a pattern during the warmer months. Here’s what we know about the variants spreading in the US this summer. Report covers EG.5 and BA.2.86 [Source]

CBC News (1 Sep 2023)

“What you should know about COVID-19 this fall” — Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Zain Chagla speaks with Ian Hanomansing about what he’s seeing with COVID-19 cases in Canada this fall and goes over the latest advice around booster shots. [Source]

Al Jazeera (13 Aug 2023)

“Will COVID-19 ever go away?” — It is no longer a global health emergency, but Covid-19 is still a threat. That is according to the World Health Organization, which is now monitoring a new variant called EG.5. It is not necessarily more dangerous than other variants, but it is spreading fast across several countries. From the US to Japan and China, the strain appears to be highly transmissible. So, is Covid-19 here to stay? And with so many variants constantly emerging, will booster shots even make a difference? Presenter: Nick Clark [Source]

Fox 32 Chicago (20 Apr 2023)

“Chicago researchers report findings in long-Covid study” — Northwestern Medicine is releasing findings from a new study about long-Covid and its impact on survivors. [Source]

CBS News (19 Apr 2023)

“Latest COVID booster guidance as new Arcturus subvariant spreads” — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to sign off on guidance for another COVID-19 vaccine booster for higher-risk groups. Meanwhile, a new subvariant of the virus first detected in India is spreading across the U.S. Dr. Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis, director of health for the city of St. Louis, joins CBS News to discuss. [Source]

PBS NewsHour (19 Apr 2023)

“CDC approves new COVID booster shots. Who’s eligible and when they can get it?” — The government approved a second dose of the COVID booster for the elderly and immunocompromised. The bivalent booster shot targets the omicron variants. Seniors 65 years and older can now receive the updated booster four months after their first dose. Amna Nawaz spoke with Dr. Jeremy Faust to understand why this is a significant move in the fight against COVID. [Source]

WGN News (19 Apr 2023)

“New study on long COVID from Northwestern Medicine” — A long-time study is revealing new information about the ailments that plague a third of COVID survivors. [Source]

NBC Chicago (18 Apr 2023)

“New ‘Arcturus’ COVID Variant Spreads Across US” — Health experts are watching a new COVID subvariant closely, and it’s causing at least one symptom that hasn’t been associated with COVID before. NBC 5’s Health and Wellness Reporter Lauren Petty reports. [Source]

PBS NewsHour (18 Apr 2023)

“Long COVID symptoms keeping many Americans from returning to work” — Three years after the start of the pandemic, some 16 million Americans have long COVID, meaning their symptoms continue well after the initial infection. An estimated 4 million people say long COVID has significantly reduced their ability to carry out day-to-day activities. For many of them, that includes their jobs. Economics Correspondent Paul Solman has the story. [Source]

CBS Mornings (29 Mar 2023)

“COVID cases and hospitalizations are on the decline but long COVID cases prevail. Here’s why.” — It has been three years since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, and while cases and hospitalizations are on the decline across the country, millions of long COVID patients are still battling lingering symptoms. CBS News contributor Dr. Celine Gounder visits a facility to learn more about the puzzling condition. [Source]

CBS Sunday Morning (26 Mar 2023)

“COVID’s education crisis: A lost generation?” — Students who were forced into remote learning because of the pandemic lost valuable time in class; one nationwide study shows reading skills have dropped to their lowest point in 30 years. With the added personal toll from COVID, this generation is facing a crisis of stunted learning and emotional turmoil. Correspondent Tracy Smith talks with educators about what can be done. [Source]

PBS NewsHour (23 Mar 2023)

“The state of COVID in the U.S. three years into pandemic” — Three years into the pandemic, cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all declining. But questions remain about new variants and whether some people may need a spring booster shot, and there are many concerns about the impact of long COVID. Epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina joined William Brangham with an update on the state of COVID in the U.S. [Source]

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com