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Asa Hutchinson Report 2023

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This document provides news and information about Asa Hutchinson, with entries in chronological order.


NewsNation (30 Aug 2023)

“Asa Hutchinson: Americans ‘deserve to have an alternative for the future’” — A new op-ed from the National Review suggests that GOP hopeful Asa Hutchinson should drop out of the race. The former Arkansas governor says he thinks support for his campaign will “naturally come together” as time passes and that he’s “not going to stand back” for former President Donald Trump. [Source]

NBC News (17 Aug 2023)

“‘Donald Trump should drop out’ of 2024 presidential race: Full Hutchinson” — Republican presidential hopeful and former Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.) discusses the state of his campaign ahead of the first GOP presidential debate and reiterates his stance on the criminal indictments facing former President Donald Trump. [Source]

CBS News (16 Aug 2023)

“Asa Hutchinson says 14th Amendment ‘should keep Trump from presidency'” — Former President Donald Trump’s rivals in the GOP race have been quick to respond to his indictment in the Georgia election case. Multiple candidates have defended him despite his legal troubles, but several others have been critical — including former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson. Amanda Rooker and Musadiq Bidar report. [Source]

Forbes (15 Aug 2023)

“‘The Rule Of Law Is Important’: Gov. Asa Hutchinson Makes The Case For Why He Should Be President” — Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) participated in a fair-side chat with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) on Tuesday. [Source]

NBC News (4 Aug 2023)

“Asa Hutchinson: ‘I’ll take any donation’ to get on debate stage” — Former President Donald Trump’s 2024 rivals are reacting to his latest indictment. Former Governor and 2024 presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.) joins Meet the Press NOW to discuss the Republican primary field and the state of his presidential campaign. [Source]

MSNBC (28 May 2023)

“One-on-one with 2024 Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Asa Hutchinson” — Jonathan Capehart and Republican presidential candidate, former AK Gov. Asa Hutchinson have a wide-ranging conversation about his bid for the White House and why he says he’s the right candidate to take on Donald Trump. [Source]

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