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Bill Maher Report 2024

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This page provides some current news about Bill Maher. More content will be added as it becomes available. For a good primer on the current state of Maher, watch the Anderson Cooper interview from 20 May 2024. [View]

Super-fan Critics Club

Bill Maher falls into the category of “Super-fan Critics” — similar to a sports fan who shouts and complains when a player on their favorite team makes a mistake. They offer constructive criticism on social media for how the team can play better.

Another example, from the sphere of Republican politics, would be Liz Cheney. She’s an unwavering multi-generational conservative Republican who wants the best for her party. Her comments and concerns have sparked some backlash from her party.

One knows their political party or similar group has become a fringe extremist cult-like organization when people in the group offering suggestions become vilified and shunned. We’ve seen this play out across the full spectrum of social and political groups.

This is the context that Bill Maher finds himself in. He offers observations, opinions, and criticisms of the right and left. He gets hate male from people on both sides.

These super-fan critics are extremely helpful because they apparently have the ability to notice problems that are not seen by those with blind spots. They will be the first to notice and announce: “The King has no clothes.” For those who want to improve the world, these critics are usually a source of insight and good ideas for what needs improving. When a passenger in the car points out that the gas gauge is on empty or the check engine light is on, they aren’t our enemy.

While Bill Maher seems to be criticized by many, he also finds himself in the unusual position of being a guest on competing news outlets such as Fox News and MSNBC. Video clips from his show are selectively used by just about everyone to help prove their point. His “base” is everyone.

New Book

As of May 2024, Maher has become more visible on daytime and evening talk shows to promote his new book, “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You.” [Amazon]

The cover of the book cleverly looks like a ‘click-bait‘ ad on social media.



Below are selected news videos about Maher. These are listed in chronological order with the most recent at the time. Headings provide the source and date.

CNN (27 May 2024)

“Bill Maher: It’s not that I’ve gotten old. It’s that your ideas are stupid” — Comedian Bill Maher tells CNN’s Fareed Zakaria about his new book “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You” and why he thinks the left and right have gone nuts. [Source]

Megyn Kelly (21 May 2024)

“Bill Maher on Biden’s Pandering, Woke Progressives Supporting Terrorists, and Value of Disagreement” — Megyn Kelly is joined by Bill Maher, author of the book “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You,” to talk about how radical gender ideology involving kids is like “entrapment,” the rise of the common sense middle and non-extremists, not being afraid of losing audience, whether Democrats should replace Biden with someone normal, the most important issues in 2024, the difference between Republicans and Democrats, issues like Hunter Biden, the border, and “democracy,” woke progressives social justice warriors standing with Hamas and other terrorists, the need for the left to support women and actual liberal ideals, the Ben Affleck vs. Sam Harris “Real Time” moment, Biden’s embarrassing Morehouse commencement speech pandering to black voters, why wokeness is the opposite of liberalism, no longer being allowed to say things like “reservation” or “master bedroom,” how American immigrants oppose illegal immigration, Stormy Daniels’ changing story about what really happened with Trump, whether Trump will be convicted and whether it’ll have any impact on the election, the value of conversation with those we disagree with, and more. [Source]

The View (21 May 2024)

Part 1

“Bill Maher’s Critiques of the 2024 Presidential Candidates” — Maher talks taking heat from both sides of the aisle for his commentary: “My bond with my audience is you’re not going to like everything I say, but you know I’m saying what I really think is true.”[Source]

Part 2

“Bill Maher On ‘Woke’ Policies and College Campus Protests” — Maher weighs in on students protesting the war in Gaza on college campuses and shares what he wants people to take away from his new book, “What This Comedian Said Might Shock You.” [View]

CNN (20 May 2024)

“‘We’re always seething about each other’: Bill Maher on state of political discourse in US” — Comedian Bill Maher sits down with Anderson Cooper to discuss his new book and the state of political discourse in the US. [View]

CBS (12 May 2024)

“Bill Maher on humor in politics: ‘Don’t be tribal'” — Comedian Bill Maher, host of the HBO series “Real Time,” doesn’t discriminate between right and left when aiming his barbs at tribal politics. He talks with CBS News chief election & campaign correspondent Robert Costa about gladly courting controversy, whether by mocking politicians or inviting them to his show. He also discusses his new book, “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You.” [Source]

By Greg Johnson

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