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Internet Bandwidth Speed Performance and Testing

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Summary. It can be helpful to know your Internet bandwidth speed performance. If your computer is running slow for Internet related tasks, poor bandwidth performance may be the reason why.

Free Bandwidth Testing Services. Here are a few testing services available for free.

Sample Results for Comparing Providers. Below are some samples of Internet bandwidth speed test results. The information is provided here in order by date with the most recent sample at the top. From these results, it can be seen that test results may be significantly different from one testing service to another. kbps = kilobytes per second. mbps = megabits per second.

  • 20080222fr1609, Iowa City, Mediacom MCHSI, Residential Cable Modem. Speakeasy: 7666 kbps download and 491 kbps upload. Bandwidth Place: 1.8 mbps download and 219.5 kbps upload.
  • 20080222fr1045, Iowa City, Mediacom MCHSI, Residential Cable Modem. Speakeasy: 9729 kbps download and 954 kbps upload. Bandwidth Place: 2.16 mbps download and 263.91 upload.
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