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YouTube Video Content Copyright Violations Ignored

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Summary. In recent years, YouTube has become more stringent with copyright violators. Even content that could be viewed as well within the bounds of fair use or artistic expression are abruptly blocked and taken down.  After three violations, according to YouTube copyright policies, they will shut down your channel, and because violations are never removed from an account, eventually over a period of years, it’s likely anybody could accumulate them.

YouTube Copyright Enforcement. The enforcement of copyright compliance is apparently not done by YouTube employees, but instead YouTube relies on copyright holders and YouTube viewers to identify and report violations. YouTube also seems to use a computerized audio and video matching system that can quickly identify content by comparing it to a database of known copyrighted material. This is how content can be flagged within 24 hours after posting even if there are only a dozen views.

Discrepancies in Enforcement. Given the above, it makes a person wonder how entire television shows and full-length feature films can remain on YouTube for years. It may be that those who join the YouTube partner program are able to buy themselves immunity. Or, perhaps blatant violations that produce millions of views are too valuable to take down — since they bring more traffic to YouTube, and possibly boost advertising revenue. It’s also possible that the copyright owners simply haven’t complained. Or, maybe older content was grandfathered in. Nobody really knows because YouTube is secretive about this.

Examples of Copyright Violations. Below are some examples of obvious copyright violations that seem to remain online indefinitely. These are just a few examples from thousands available.

Bewitched – Episode “The Joker is a Card 2.5”

I Wanna Be Like You – From the Disney Movie “Jungle Book”

The Bare Necessities – From the Disney Movie “Jungle Book”

Everybody Wants to be a Cat – From the Disney Movie “The Aristocats”

We are Siamese if you Please – From the Disney Movie “Lady and the Tramp”

Under the Sea – From the Disney Movie “The Little Mermaid”

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com