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Apple AirPort Express Basic Wireless Setup and Configuration Using AirPort Utility

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Summary. This document provides basic setup and configuration instructions for using the Apple AirPort Express wireless router and access point.

Instructions. The following instructions assume that a DSL Modem or Cable Modem are currently setup and providing Ethernet access to the Internet. These instructions should also work for an office or apartment complex where Ethernet service to the Internet is provided.

  1. Download the latest Apple AirPort Utility for Administration of the device by visiting the general Apple AirPort support page or the specific download pages. For version 5.3.1 they are Windows, Tiger – OS X 10.4, Leopard OS X 10.5.
  2. If desired, the AirPort Express can be reset to start fresh with a new configuration. If the device is new, this won’t be necessary.
  3. When the AirPort Utility software is run, the AirPort Express will be shown on the list of available AirPort devices. Click on it and the default settings will be shown. Click Continue.
  4. Give the AirPort Express device a name. This is the name that the AirPort Utility software will refer to the router by. Provide an administrative access password then press Continue.
  5. If this is a new network or you are replacing a previous wireless router, choose the second option, “I don’t have a wireless network and I want to create one.”
  6. Create a name for the wireless network. This is what people will see when scanning for available wireless networks. Choose WPA/WPA2 Personal as the security protocol. Enter a password. Press Continue.
  7. If PPP or PPPoE are used, provide the required information. Otherwise, for most situations, select, “I do not use PPPoE” and click Continue.
  8. Select how you connect to the Internet. For many situations, the third option is fine, “I connect to my local area network (LAN).” This is because the DSL or cable modem provide a basic Ethernet connection. Click Continue.
  9. The TCP/IP information should be filled in automatically. Configure IPv4: should be set to Using DHCP. Click Continue. Review the settings and then press continue to confirm.

Resources. Additional resources for the Apple AirPort.

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By Greg Johnson

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