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Hoover Nano Lite Upright Bagless Vacuum – Review

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20150630tu-hoover-nano-lite-vacuumThe Hoover Nano Lite Upright Bagless Vacuum is available from Walmart.com for about $50.

Considering that some consumer-grade vacuum cleaners can cost up to $500 or more, the Hoover provides an impressive amount of cleaning power for the cost.

The owner’s manual for the Nano-Lite Vacuum is available as a downloadable PDF file.


These are a few of the benefits to the Hoover Nano Lite.

  • Adjustable Two-Position Handle. The handle for the vacuum can be retracted or fully extended. This makes the vacuum easy to use for people of tall or short stature.
  • Light Weight. The vacuum weighs 12 pounds, making it easy to lift and use.
  • No Bag. Because the vacuum uses no bags, it is economical to use.
  • Clear Dirt Canister. The clear dirt canister makes it easy to see when the vacuum is full and provides an indication of how effectively the vacuum is cleaning.
  • No-Mess Emptying. Some bagless vacuums are very messy to empty. The Hoover Nano Lite has a simple trap door opening at the bottom of the canister that is easy to open. Dirt drops directly into the trash can.
  • Long Power Cord. The extra long power cord makes it easy to clean without needing to plug and unplug as frequently.

Problems and Limitations

Here are some of the product limitations.

  • Hard Floors. The problem that many vacuums have on hard floors is that there’s a significant gap around the entire base of the vacuum. This hinders the suction process. When carpet exists, it creates a seal around the base of the vacuum which isolates the suction in a certain spot. Without the carpet, the suction is dispersed and diminished. Also, with multi-function vacuums, hard wood floor settings, for example, stop the rollers from spinning. So, they just remain stationary and essentially become an obstruction that limits airflow.
    • Problem Solution. Most upright vacuums include a hard floor attachment for use with the hose. This is because the hose typically offers substantial focused suction without the dispersion that happens in a vacuum base. The floor attachment is also closer to the ground. By using it, you will get better results when cleaning hard floor surfaces.

Owners Manual and Users Guide

Below is the owners manual and users guide.

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By Greg Johnson

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