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Audiology Care, Hearing Protection, and Hearing Loss Prevention


Summary. With proper care, it is possible to prevent hearing loss that might have otherwise been the result of exposure to excessive noise.

Care. Here are some suggestions for hearing care.

  • Ear Plugs. The cumulative effect of daily exposure to high levels of noise can be damaging. For example, when operating a vacuum cleaner or other noisy home appliances, it is important to use earplugs or a similar device to reduce the ambient noise.
  • Music. When listening to music, it is essential not to have the volume too high. In-the-ear headphones at high volumes can cause damage since there is no buffer for the music.
  • Noise Canceling Headphones. When listening to music, consider using a pair of over-the-ear noise canceling headphones. This will help block out background noise and allow for a lower listening volume. Noise canceling headphones can also be used when not listening to music, as a tool to reduce ambient noise that may degrade hearing.
  • Nutrition, Water, Sleep, Exercise, and Yoga. Limited research (a study of one) suggests that proper nutrition, sustained water consumption, plenty of sleep, and regular cardio exercise can help maintain the vibrancy and elasticity of the eardrum and inner ear. Yoga every morning can help clear the sinuses and ear canals of excess mucus and wax build up.

Resources. Inexpensive tools for prevention are available. Here are some resources to be mindful of.

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By Greg Johnson

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