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Octane Fitness Pro 3500XL Elliptical System – Review

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Summary. This is a review of the Pro 3500XL elliptical system by Octane Fitness. Numerous features and benefits are listed on the product page of the Octane Fitness website. Other features and benefits are listed below.

Close Foot Placement. Some elliptical systems have wide placement of feet pads which causes the feet and legs to be unnaturally separated during the workout. This could result in knee problems. The Pro 3500 XL has comfortably close foot placement for a more natural stride and motion.

No Dirt Buildup on Tracks. Some elliptical systems use tracks that guide rollers. This can result in dirt and grit build-up which wears down the roller wheels. The Pro 3500 XL rides on tubing that repels dirt.

No Power Cord. One of the primary advantages that the Pro 3500XL elliptical machine has over other systems is that it doesn’t require AC Power. This can save considerable cost in electricity and reduced repair expenses related to failed electrical system. Because the Pro 3500 XL is self powered, it is an ideal choice for fitness clubs where the cost of electricity and expense of running extra outlets on the floor can be excessive. By eliminating power cords, pathways are less likely to have cords for people to trip on. Unlike other self powered devices, this unit is able to remember your workout information even if you take a break.

Other Considerations. On the unit tested, when pressing the increase age setting (plus symbol) the unit went into program selection mode. Only when pressing the down arrow (minus) first did the age setting mode activate. Then it was possible to increase or decrease the age (from 40).

Quiet. Unlike noisy motorized elliptical systems, the self powered Pro 3500 XL is relatively quiet.

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By Greg Johnson

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