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Exercise for Aerobic and Cardio Benefits


Summary. A regular aerobic workout has numerous benefits. This page offers information and resources for effective cardio aerobic exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular exercise has many benefits including: mood enhancement, chronic disease prevention, weight reduction, heart strengthening, lung strengthening, improving sleep, and entertaining.

Impact Assessment. The benefits of exercise go far beyond making a person stronger or burning some calories. Below is an impact assessment of exercise:

  • exercise -> lowered stress -> less eating -> weight loss
  • exercise -> burns calories -> weight loss
  • exercise -> increased metabolism -> weight loss
  • exercise -> better sleep -> improved metabolism -> weight loss
  • exercise -> hunger for healthier foods -> improved health
  • exercise -> enhances mood & energy -> more active -> more calories burned -> weight loss

Resources. Here are some cardio aerobic resources.

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By Greg Johnson

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