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The Importance of Youthful Living

Effective Living

Summary. Youthful living is an essential component of effective living. Young people don’t live the way they do because they are young, they are young and youthful because of the way they live. Explore this topic more by reading The Urgency of Youth Representation, Action, and Activism in World Democracy.

Traits of Youthful Living. Reflect upon the following characteristics of youthful living and their benefits. Young people generally have these traits.

  • Creativity. Developing imaginative solutions to problems, or pioneering new ways of doing things, both require a creative mind.
  • Fitness. Young people generally are very active and fit. This helps to maintain health and stamina. People don’t exercise because they are young, they are young and  youthful because they exercise. Young people who don’t pay attention to fitness can quickly begin to age.
  • Forgiveness. The act of forgiving is essential for effective living because it ensures optimal communications and interdependence among people. Certainly the ability to forgive can be found among all ages, yet it’s surprising how quick younger children are to forgive and forget. As people get older, they are more likely to hold grudges and be stubborn.
  • Idealism, Hope, and Optimism. As people go through life, disappointments can erode idealism and optimism. It is essential to believe and hope for a better life and a better world. Otherwise, people are not inspired to work toward a better future.
  • Laughter. It’s said that laughter is good medicine. Physiologically, laughter stimulates healing properties in the body.
  • Music. The music that appeals to younger people tends to have an energetic beat, such as techno music. While some of the music has a negative message, there is a very popular genre of music that promotes a hopeful “reach for the stars and follow your dreams/heart” message. Much of this music is produced in cooperation with Disney. This music, along with popular inspirational music can energize and inspire a person. Younger people (more-so than older people) are very immersed in music and much of the time are listening to something on their iPod-like device.
  • Romance and Passion. It isn’t just young people who are passionate and romantic. Yet typically romance is overcome by commitments, overextending, and the business of life that comes in later years. Also, if a relationship is not tenderly cared for, harshness, disappointments, and fights along the way can erode a sense of romantic love. Romance in a relationship keeps it vibrant, energized, and exciting.
  • Stamina. Some people have a burst of energy or enthusiasm for a cause, yet they can’t endure. Stamina is having the dedication to continue despite any disappointments or short term failures.
  • Strength. Physical and emotional strength is required for endurance and effective living. As people grow older, they may grow weary of life’s disappointments.

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com