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Organizations Promoting Sustainability and Environmentally Green Earth Friendly Initiatives

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Summary. This document offers a directory listing of organizations that promote sustainable and environmentally green initiatives.

  • AmazonWatch.org. “Amazon Watch works to defend the environment and rights of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin.”
  • Avepalmas.org – defending plants from extinction
  • Bioneers – defending humans from extinction
  • Cali Bamboo – Wholesale Bamboo Fence and Lumber
  • Care2 – Excellent Environmental Activist and Community Site [rainforest action | endangered cats]
  • Coop America
  • CampaignEarth.org – A free recycle/reuse website designed to keep useful items out of landfill. “With every month that passes, we’re given increasing information to motivate us, as a nation, to embrace renewable energy.  Americans use 30% of the world’s oil supply yet only 2% of that comes from our own soil. By embracing renewable energy, we can significantly reduce our dependency on foreign oil. No doom and gloom!! When was the last time depression got you really motivated? We’re here to inspire with realistic action steps and stories of success.”
  • Earth Activist Training
  • Earth Island Institute
  • Earth Justice – Because the Earth needs a good lawyer.
  • Earth Screen – Referral Based Eco Activism
  • EarthShare.org – “Earth Share is a U.S.-based network of the world’s most respected environmental and conservation organizations, and offers a simple way to care for our health, water, air, land and wildlife. Our mission: To engage individuals and organizations in creating a healthy and sustainable environment. Earth Share’s program gives working people in America the easiest and best opportunity to support environmental stewardship through payroll contribution at the workplace. Earth Share is dedicated to supporting the vital state, national and international organizations working to protect the environment and our well-being every day.”
  • Earth on Empty – As your gas gage drops, so do our nonrenewable natural resources. Take a look!!!
  • EcosaInstitute
  • E-Magazine
  • Environment Site
  • GoGreenNow.net – Green Directory
  • GreenFestivals.org
  • Greenpeace
  • I Renew – Iowa Renewable Energy
  • Organic Endurathon – Steve Shriver will attempt to run 260 miles across the state of Iowa in 10 days or less. That’s ten marathons in ten days all in support of organic and sustainable living!
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • North American Rural Futures Institute (NARFI) – excellent source of a wide variety of progressive information
  • Rainforest Site
  • Root Systems Institute. Root Systems Institute (RSI) seeks to educate, empower, and inspire 
    people to make sustainable choices that are in alignment with their inner 
    purpose and which support the health of our communities and the planet.
  • Sierra Club
  • SnaffleUp.co.uk – “We make it easy for you to do your bit for the environment by putting items you no longer need back on the market. By offering free recycled goods we can help reduce the growing landfill problem, while giving your unwanted possessions a new lease on life with people who will make good use of them.”
  • Spokane County Conservation District (SCCD) – An excellent model for county-wide conservation and ecology. “The Spokane County Conservation District (SCCD) works in partnership with individuals, landowners, businesses and government to protect water resources, expand options for agricultural production, promote sustainable forestry practices, promote energy conservation, and protect wildlife habitat throughout the urban and rural areas of the Spokane region.”
  • TaldrumWood / Woods For All
  • TreeHugger.com
  • Wikipedia Entries [ Global Warming | Permaculture | Solar Power | Sustainability ]
  • World Watch Institute
  • World Wildlife Fund

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com