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Solar, Wind, Biofuel, Hydro, and Alternative Power Product Manufacturers and Providers

Summary. This document offers a directory of manufacturers and providers of solar and alternative energy products.

  • Affordable-Solar.com – “Solar panels are an ideal power source for a variety residential and home solar applications. We offer a variety of panels, batteries, inverters, and water pumps including BP, Evergreen, and Xantrex Inverters. Affordable-solar.com helps reduce the cost of solar energy for residential homes and industrial businesses.”
  • Columbia Wind Power – Our high performance one kilowatt and two kilowatt wind driven generator kits are designed to provide quiet, environmentally clean power to meet your off-grid cabin, summer house, small residence or small farm electric power needs. We believe the combination of our high quality one kilowatt and two kilowatt wind turbine generator kits, our excellent technical support and customer service, our highly competitive pricing, and our optional delivery and installation assistance (for customers in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Western Montana), constitute the best customer value available in the industry today for small wind power projects.
  • MrSolar.com – “Our solar panel brands include the most respected manufacturers in the solar panel business, such as BP Solar, General Electric, and Sharp, among others. We feature only the highest quality solar panels from manufacturers with a proven track record in solar panel technology. With over 30 years in the solar panel business, you can be sure that at MrSolar.com, we know solar panels!”
  • RealGoods.com – “The company lays claim to the title of the oldest and largest catalog firm devoted to the sale and service of renewable energy products in the world. Real Goods is still devoted to the same principles that guided its founding—quality, innovative, well-made products for fair prices, and unsurpassed customer service with courtesy and dignity. … our business has evolved from selling solar panels to a few off-gridders in the hills to being the foremost source of information and products in renewable energy, sustainable living, alterative transportation, and relocalization (the ultimate anecdote for global warming and peak oil). We intend to celebrate our three decades in business all year long and hope that you’ll join us!”
  • ShineSolar.com – A solar panel manufacturer in the Jiangsu province of China. Presumably this is a supplier who would work with world-wide dealers/builders rather than end consumers.
  • SierraSolar.com – “We are a company that is dedicated to providing all of the solar electric equipment necessary to provide power to your home, business, RV, or boat. We also carry a wide range of solar water pumps, energy efficient appliances, and renewable energy books and videos. We have compiled articles on a wide range of topics, including solar electric, wind power, hydropower, solar water pumping, solar hot water, effiicient appliances, energy conservation, solar economics, and more.”
  • SiliconSolar.com – “Serving over 82,000 customers from 52 countries since 1998, we consistently offer the finest solar powered products at the most competitive prices, sharing with our customers the many conveniences and environmental benefits of using the natural energy of the sun.”
  • SolarPanelStore.com – “We focus on solar power products that function in the harshest environments, designed for years of reliable service. We handle all the components needed for back-up power systems, independent homes, remote systems, and utility-connected power systems. We offer knowledgeable tech support before and after the sale.”
  • SpheralSolar.com – “SpheralSolar.com has been selling high quality Solar Grid Tie Systems & Solar Panels products since 1998. Although we are based in Salt Lake City, Utah, we have compiled an extensive selection of our favorite Solar Power Kits products and accessories from manufacturers across the nation. We sell only the best products of the highest quality.”
  • SubMeterCentral.com – “Abraxas Energy Consulting has been assisting clients with their energy needs since 2001. Our services reach beyond an expertise in sub-meter use, but into all realms of energy management. If there is one thing we know best, it is energy. It is our mission to recognize and assist diverse customer needs with the most economical and efficient management systems. We currently represent all major desktop utility bill tracking software packages in the North American market. For this reason, we can find the right software and services to meet your needs! We also set up your databases, train your energy managers, while promising access to our personalized technical support staff.” [more]
  • SunDanceSolar.com – “Sundance Solar Products Inc. was created by people who thought there must be a better way to power small portable electronics than to throw away billions of toxic batteries each year. It is our mission to provide you with exceptional products of the highest quality, which, through innovation and environmental consciousness, help to make the earth a healthier place.”
  • SunPowerCorp.com – “Based on more than 20 years of innovation, we deliver proven solar performance to residential, commercial, and utility-scale power plant customers. Our high-efficiency solar cells, panels and systems deliver significantly more energy per unit area than competing systems.”

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com