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Panasonic RP-HS43 Clip-On Headphones with XBS® Extra Bass System

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Summary. This document provides a review of the Panasonic RP-HS43 Clip-On Headphones with XBS® Extra Bass System.

Price. These headphones are some of the best in the under $15 price range. They perform almost as well as the $400 Bose QuietComfort headphones (although they lack the noise canceling feature).

Comfort. These headphones are extremely comfortable because of their adjustable clips and light weight.

Ideal for Bike Riding. When riding a bicycle, it’s probably best not to be distracted by music. However, for riding on a trail, or with music at lowered volumes, it’s possible to enjoy listening. The only headphones that comfortably fit under a bicycle helmet are either in-the-ear types (dangerous because they block important ambient noise) or over the ear clip-on types. Headphones with behind the neck bands are awkward to wear while biking.

Ideal for Resting. It’s hard to wear some headphones while resting in bed, because the headphone band usually presses against the pillow or falls down. Headphones with behind the neck bands are awkward. So, over-the-ear clip-on headphones are ideal.

Full Spectrum Audiology. These headphones offer full spectrum audiology, which means they are able to reproduce, fairly accurately, all frequencies from low to high. As a consequence, it isn’t necessary to turn the volume up to hear sounds at either extreme of the audio spectrum.

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By Greg Johnson

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