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APC Power-Saving Essential SurgeArrest 7 Outlet W/TEL 120V – Review

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Summary. APC has always provided quality uninterruptible power supplies and surge protectors. This unit has the advantage of automatically switching off peripherals. From the product page on the APC website, “The Power-Saving SurgeArrest not only safeguards your equipment from damaging power transients, it also helps lower your electric bill. “Master/Controlled” outlets are designed to detect when your computer is asleep where it then automatically powers “off” connected peripherals to prevent wasteful power consumption.”

Outlets Too Close Together. The outlets on this surge protector are very close together which would make it difficult to plug in the larger transformers that are usually used by peripherals. So, an outlet extension cord (pictured at right) would probably be necessary. Presumably additional accessories could also be controlled through using a multiple outlet extension cord. However, this is usually discouraged for fire prevention.

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By Greg Johnson

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