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Apple PowerMac G4 Notebook External Video Display Lid Closed Power On Procedure

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Summary. When turning on the Apple PowerMac G4 Notebook with an external display connected, the system will probably want to mirror the displays or have the external display be an extension of the desktop area. It is possible to close the lid and have the external display be the primary display and turning off the internal notebook display. This draws less energy through the notebook computer and the system will run cooler because of it.

Power On Procedure. Normally, when the notebook lid is closed, the notebook will go into sleep mode. Below are the steps to follow for properly using an external display as the primary display.

  1. Begin by having the notebook in sleep mode by closing the lid. If you are arriving at your desk at work or home, and want to connect the notebook to the external display, first connect the video cable of the external display while the notebook is in sleep mode before connecting any other cables.
  2. Connect the power cord and then connect an external hub for various peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, iPhone docking station(s), printer, scanner, etc. When the power cord is connected, this will wake the computer and it will realize that you have woken it while the lid was closed with an external display attached. This will cause the computer to use the external display as the primary display.
Power Down Procedure. It may be best to simply power off the notebook when preparing to go somewhere with it after configuring it for an external display. If the notebook is put into sleep mode, and then cables are disconnected, it will wake up again. Alternatively, it is possible to unplug all cables including the external display, open the lid, and then simply close the lid to put it into sleep mode.
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