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Apple Mail Corruption Repair

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Summary. Sometimes the Apple Mail program will get corrupted. This page provides information for advanced users to correct this problem. Please be careful to make sure you have all important emails backed up as described to avoid losing data.

Solution. Follow these steps to correct the problem:

  1. Backup Messages. Before starting, create folders under the “On My Mac” heading. Move your important sent and received email messages to this archive area. The remaining steps will remove any information left in the folders under the “Inbox” heading. So, it is important to backup
  2. Backup Mail Folder. Copy the Mail folder from users > yourname > library. This will provide a backup copy of your mail folder in case something goes wrong.
  3. Backup Mail Settings. Move any files from the users > yourname > library > preferences folder that begin with com.apple.mail (these are settings files).
  4. Start Fresh. Start over again with a fresh Mail program and settings. When you restart. Mail will need to have you enter the email accounts again.

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By Greg Johnson

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