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Financial Foundation. Below are several principles for a solid financial foundation. After reviewing these, proceed to the Top 10 list.

  • Accountability. Consider having someone, such as a family member, that you meet with on a weekly or monthly basis regarding your financial planning and management. This can help establish accountability and continuity. This person need not be a professional, but they should be available to answer simple questions and help you stay committed to a plan of financial well being. They can help act as a means of ‘checks and balances’ to be sure you are following the recommendations of a professional financial services advisor.
  • Financial Services Advisor. Financial services and debt management services are available in many communities and larger metropolitan areas. There are also online financial services, such as MyVesta, that can provide ongoing financial support and services via the Internet or over the telephone. [Click here for MyVesta or call 800-MYVESTA]
  • Financial Training. The more you know about financial management the better your financial health will be. For starters, consider taking the Money 101 course offered by Money Magazine [Click here for Money 101]
  • Frugally Religious. Don’t be frugal just at home, be frugal all day long, wherever you go. Look for ways to save money everywhere, even at work. Become financially aware at all times. Reduce water, heat, electrical usage everywhere. This will help make it a part of your daily life.
  • Holistic Wellness. Problems in other areas of life can impact our financial situation. Consider how you can enhance your overall state of wellness. Click here to visit the Map page at Resources for Life.

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