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Microsoft Lync for Mac 2011 – Lync 14.0.6 Critical Update Failing to install on Apple Mac Computers



If you’re an Apple computer user, with Microsoft Office 2011, when your Microsoft AutoUpdate runs, you’ll be notified that a critical update is available for Lync to go from the 14.0.5 version to the 14.0.6 version. However, the update will not install and you’ll return to AutoUpdate to find the update still pending. Click here to manually download and install the correct 14.0.6 update version.

The Problem

Briefly, the problem is that nobody at Microsoft seems to have actually tried installing some of the updates they push out. Rather than offering a combined / cumulative update, they send out numerous small updates with previous updates being pre-requisites for the new updates. In the case of going from 14.0.5 to 14.0.6 it is almost impossible to perform the update. Incorrect links are provided in the Microsoft AutoUpdate window.

Researching this issue, one will notice that a 14.3.6 version of Office 2011 Mac exists (described below), but apparently that’s not related to this Lync issue. The instructions below describe the challenges a user will have in trying to update and eventually what can be done to perform the update.

Microsoft AutoUpdate

First, run Microsoft AutoUpdate. This can be done from the Help menu in any of the Microsoft programs, such as Microsoft Word.


Lync 14.0.6 Update

You will see the Lync 14.0.6 update listed as shown below (assuming your computer needs it).


When you attempt to install the update, it will appear to install, but when AutoUpdate scans for additional updates, the Lync update will still be listed as not installed and you’ll return to the screen shown above. This problem can also prevent Microsoft Office updates from installing properly.

If you click on the provided link shown in the information window, it will not take you to the correct page. It will go to a page with information about the 14.0.5 update.

There is actually a Lync 14.3.6 Office 2011 Mac update available, but this doesn’t address the Lync issue. Microsoft released the 14.3.6 update for Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac 2011 on July 16, 2013. However, the 14.3.6 update can’t be installed until you update to 14.1.0 or above, but the 14.1.0 update isn’t easily found online.

If you search, you can find an Office 2011 Service Pack 1 (14.1.0) update. You can try to download that update and install it. However, you’ll probably get an error similar to the one below:


Setup Instructions That Finally Work

So, the above attempts are a dead end. However, if you do a search for Lync for Mac, you will find a page titled Set up Lync for Mac 2011 for Office 365. On that page, you’ll find a link to the correct 14.0.6 Lync update page.

Global Impact

Every time a company releases a software update or similar product without testing it, consumers are inconvenienced around the world. Hours are wasted. Frustrations rise. The map below shows just a small snapshot of people impacted by this problem who happen to have visited this web page in a short period of time. Imagine the broader impact. Companies should do better to test updates before releasing them, and also make it less confusing to perform a manual update.







By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com