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Verizon Supporting Remote Medicine Distance Medical Services and Virtual Doctors


The University of Virginia Health Systems and the Swinfen Charitable Trust join forces with Verizon to help improve healthcare access for those in need. (source)


One of the greatest challenges facing our world is the wide disparity of access to the latest medical advances in healthcare. Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals sometimes lack knowledge about or access to the most current treatment information from medical specialists.


Verizon, the University of Virginia Health Systems and the Swinfen Charitable Trust are partnering together to help remove the barriers of distance and improve access to healthcare knowledge around the world. Verizon’s Cloud Services will enhance delivery of a global telemedicine platform started by UVA and Swinfen Charitable Trust. The program will also fund mobile connectivity to allow doctors around the world to access and consult with world-class specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of their patients.


Verizon technology helps improve and expand the capabilities of the Swinfen Charitable Trust. With greater connectivity and enhanced cloud storage the process of review, evaluation and consultation is significantly accelerated. This project is a big step toward helping equalize access to expert specialty care for those who need it most.

Verizon and Healthcare

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