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Clear Creek Trail Trailhead

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      Coralville city officials are in the planning stages for a high-tech trailhead on Clear Creek trail near Camp Cardinal Boulevard to be built next year.

City Parks and Recreation Director Sherri Proud said the project will be the first of four . . .

City officials also are working with the University of Iowa Civil and Environmental Engineering Department to install a system near the water that monitors the level of bacteria in the creek from day to day.

“That is really cool,” Proud said. . . .

The Clear Creek trailhead also is a part of the Clear Creek Master Plan, Proud said. The plan calls for the preservation of the 300 acres of green space between UI property and the interchange between Interstate 80 and Interstate 380.

Kathryn Fiegen, “Coralville planning for multi-use Clear Creek trailhead; Set to be built next year; will be first of four such structures,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, March 20, 2008, p. B1.