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Iowa Conservation

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The Great Outdoors of Iowa


Reclaiming Iowans’ natural resources . . .

increasing quality of life — and land values . . .

win-win strategies for future generations — and ourselves

Over 150 years ago far-sighted New York legislators bought what is now the 843 acres in downtown New York we call “Central Park.” Their $5 million investment is now worth over one-half trillion dollars. Today there are Iowans who are equally far-sighted.

These Iowans’ creation of open spaces, wildlife habitats, parks, urban boundaries, wetlands, “smart growth,” and prairies — whether from private gifts or voluntary sales — are all a part of a fast-growing movement that has brought together hunters and animal rights advocates, farmers and small businesses, liberals and conservatives, old and young, joggers and birders, environmentalists and realtors, those pedaling bikes and paddling canoes, county commissioners and religious leaders.

This site is dedicated to, and offered as a resource for, all of the above — as well as a source of ideas regarding the possibilities of what are called “Greenbelts.” (For a map of the extensive Greenbelts in England, and a video from the San Francisco Bay Area Greenbelt Alliance see “What is a Greenbelt?”

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