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Summary. An annual schedule is natural for many of life’s tasks and events. Seasonal cleaning or maintenance can be put on a regular schedule. This helps budget time and money in advance.

  • Annual Bills. Pay annual bills such as Post Box and gym membership.
  • Annual Giving. Make annual contributions to organizations.
  • Data Migration. On the first day of the new year, move all paper documents and data documents from the previous year into archives. New folder systems can be established for the new year. This imposes minimalism in paper and electronic data, ensuring that only necessary information is brought into the new year. This has the advantage of being an “opt-in” system. The alternative would be an “opt-out” system where you sort through every scrap of paper and digital data from the entire previous year and consider whether you want to move it to archives or not. It’s simpler to move everything to archives, and then, starting with absolutely nothing, bring forward
    those essential files needed for the upcoming year. For more about Data Migration and Data Management, visit the Technology Services Resource Group.

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