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Explore and discover transportation solutions for more effective living through the Transportation Resource Group.

Efficiency of Railway and Train Transit

The efficiency and cost savings of train travel is why railway a preferred mode of transportation. Europe has become an example that others look to for excellence in public transportation for commuters and tourists. There are at least 270 rail and coach companies serving 45 countries in Europe. A trainline to meet just about any need can be found.


We offer information about a variety of transportation, travel, and commuting options. Click here for articles relating to mobility and transportation.

Automotive. Here are some quick links to automotive resources.

Bicycles. For news and information about bicycles and greener alternative fuel modes of travel, visit the Life Mobility Transportation Group.

Electric Cars. Hybrid vehicles offer greater travel distances between refueling stops. However, because they are partially powered by gasoline, they require require oil, antifreeze, and other consumables along with the associated maintenance. So, in this regard, they aren’t much better than a standard vehicle. However, all electric vehicles offer quiet and relatively maintenance free transportation. Below are links for more information about purely electric cars.

Electric Vehicle Concerns and Solutions. Here are some common concerns regarding electric vehicles.

  • Distance. “My workplace is about 25 miles away. An electric vehicle won’t accommodate round trip commuting. What can I do? Should I consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle?” Because the purchase cost and operating cost is significantly lower on Electric Vehicles compared to fossil fuel vehicles, it isn’t unreasonable to consider purchasing two vehicles. Leave one at work and one at home. When you drive to work, plug in. Your car at work will be fully charged. Use that for any additional mileage or for driving home at the end of the day. This solution works well for people who drive about 25 miles to work and then need transportation once they get there. It is similar to having two batteries for your notebook computer or video camera. You always have one charging. Another benefit of this approach is that you’ll put half the miles on the vehicle.
  • Seating. “Sometimes we need to travel with four people. Many of the Electric Vehicles are two seaters. Should I just give in and get an SUV or HUMMER?” Because the purchase cost and operating cost is significantly lower on Electric Vehicles compared to fossil fuel vehicles, it isn’t unreasonable to consider purchasing two vehicles. This is a great solution for families. Once you reach your destination, you’ll have twice the mobility options. You can go in different directions and then meet up again later on. You’ll get twice as much accomplished. You can’t do this with a single vehicle.
  • Storage. “Sometimes we want to load the vehicle up with bags of groceries and other things. Most Electric Vehicles are small. Should I just give in and get an SUV or HUMMER?” Because the purchase cost and operating cost is significantly lower on Electric Vehicles compared to fossil fuel vehicles, it isn’t unreasonable to consider purchasing two vehicles. This will allow two people to run an errand and utilize the full storage capacity of the Electric Vehicle.
  • Communications. “Because the purchase cost and operating cost is significantly lower on Electric Vehicles compared to fossil fuel vehicles, many smart people consider purchasing two vehicles. Doesn’t this make it hard to visit since you’re driving in different vehicles?” It is now possible to purchase very nice two-way radios that operate at high frequency. These radios make it possible to chat back and forth between vehicles. Many cell phone plans offer unlimited phone-to-phone communications for free.
  • Hybrid. “Hybrid vehicles are now available that use gasoline and electric motors to achieve 40 to 50 miles per gallon and can travel hundreds of miles. Why shouldn’t a person consider one of these?” The development of hybrid vehicles is an admirable effort in the right direction. However, hybrid vehicles still need gasoline, they pollute, they need to have oil changes, they need muffler repairs and radiator maintenance. Hybrid cars are noisy when running on gasoline. So, the hybrid vehicles have many of the headaches of standard gasoline powered vehicles. Consider that a used gasoline powered compact car such as the 3 cylinder Geo Metro can achieve 35 to 40 miles per gallon and such a vehicle can cost $15,000 to $20,000 less than the hybrid vehicle. So the used efficiency car burns the same amount of fuel per mile as the expensive hybrid vehicle. Electric powered vehicles are typically less expensive to purchase and operate than hybrids. Generally speaking, vehicles that are powered by electric only are a better transportation solution.

Air Car. Moteur Development International of France (MDI) offers a car powered by Compressed Air Technology (CAT). The central factory is in Nice, France where the company president and inventor Mr. Guy Négre resides. The MDI Barcelona office serves as the principal sales office and works on commercial expansion of the project around the world – specifically in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, The United Kingdom, and Canada. For more information, visit: TheAirCar.com

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV). ZAP! presents the ATV Heavy-Duty – the formidable All-Terrain vehicle. Powerful and silent, the ATV Heavy-Duty is the off-road vehicle without all the noise and pollution and climbs hills with ease. The ATV Heavy-Duty is great for working around the ranch or just for having fun with family. The Zap Heavy Duty ATV offers speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and a range of 30 miles. Click here for a brochure in PDF format.

Scooters. Based on the simplicity of walking, the Segway personal transport system is a quick and easy way to get around town. The Segway is able to travel at 12.5 miles per hour – about the speed of a bicycle – and can travel from 11 miles to 17 miles on a single charge depending on the terrain and usage. Another world leader in electric scooters is ZAP! Sometimes three-wheel scooters are a more practical solution to going long distances around a larger office complex or downtown area. Some can travel up to 5.7 miles per hour for a distance of 25 miles or more on a single charge. For more information, visit Discount Scooters at http://www.discountscooters.com/ or visit the product page [click here].

Public Transit. One of the most economical solutions is public transportation.

Car Sharing. Rather than own a car, share a car:

Rental Cars. Enjoy the benefits of using a car occasionally without the costs and hassles of ownership.

Bus. Need to go further than an electric vehicle can take you? Check out Greyhound for some reasonable rates to numerous destinations in the continental U.S. For more information, visit Greyhound at http://www.greyhound.com/

Train. When you need to get there quickly, Amtrak delivers. Their nation-wide train service offers world-class accommodations from coast to coast. For more information, visit Amtrak at http://www.amtrak.com/

Air Travel. Making use of traditional air travel can be time consuming and stressful, but sometimes for remote destinations there’s no practical alternative. Here are a few online air travel resources:

Ecotourism Services. “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” [source]

  • EcoTourism.org – TIES is The International Ecotourism Society. Dedicated to uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel, TIES began in 1990.
  • Exotissimo.com– “Exotissimo Travel has 15 offices throughout Southeast Asia. We have the expertise and connections to create your ultimate adventure at the best possible price in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.”
    • Testimonial. “A beautifully designed website.” ~ Gregory Johnson

Mobile Housing. The Mobile Hermitage is an ideal solution for those who’d like to take everything with them, including the kitchen sink. The Mobile Hermitage is a small all-season residential solution for minimalists who want to reduce their living costs while having more options for where they can live. Built of residential-grade quality materials, this diminutive dwelling is rugged and able to take all kinds of weather. Click here for more information about the Mobile Hermitage.

Resources. Here are some resources for Alternatives in Transportation.