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Free Advertising for a Better World

Activism | Advertising

Summary. Over the years, we’ve been providing free advertising by promoting positive awareness about products, services, businesses, organizations, and social causes we believe in. Our promotional efforts include placement on our site, in our videos, as well as mention in national media spots when possible. We want to promote that which brings about positive change in the world. This is part of the word of mouth and word of mouse phenomenon.

Promoting What We Use. When we find a quality product or service we like, and become appreciatively reliant upon certain companies, we want to make sure they are successful in the marketplace and rise above any competitor misinformation or pundit negativity. Too often, an amazing product or service can lose traction in the marketplace because of undeserved poor reviews or lack of grass roots promotion. When this happens, everyone loses. To learn more about this approach to marketplace activism, you can read our article on the topic of unpaid endorsements and free advertising.

Free Advertising Qualifications. To qualify for our free advertising program, you need to have a product or service of interest to our website visitors, and your company needs to meet the basic guidelines of socially responsible businesses:

What We Support. There are a variety of themes, issues, and causes we support including beauty in design, animal welfare, environmental stewardship, holistic wellness, human rights, universal design, and sustainability. When we promote a company, we do so not just because of their product or service, but because through their website, products, services, customer care, and business practices, they are demonstrating a model of business that others should consider emulating. It’s not just what they do, but how they do it.

Who We Support. Below is our list of products, services, businesses, organizations, and social causes we are working to support.

Advertising and Activism. In addition to the list above, some additional causes, organizations, companies, services, and/or products are featured on our Adversing and Activism page. Advertising can be a form of activism when it promotes socially desirable outcomes. In addition, those who offer free advertising for organizations and causes they believe in are engaging in a form of activism by donating valuable advertising and exposure. Advertising is worth money, and when it is given away for free, it’s the equivalent of a financial contribution.

Paid Advertising. Our clients and customers wanting an intensified and expanded promotional campaign can contact us for more information about our reasonable rates for paid advertising and promotion. Even our paid advertisers are reviewed for approval. This ensures that our site visitors will be presented only with advertising that is safe, truthful, and contributing toward a better world.

Hybrid Advertising. Our hybrid advertisers are paying for a level of advertising, but receiving much more because they also meet our requirements for the free advertising program. This includes our sponsors and those contributing financially to support our site.

Featured Advertiser Logos. In addition to seeking out exceptional services, and exquisitely designed products that inspire people, we also look for companies who have crisp, colorful, and  uplifting branding, logos, and websites. Below is our currently featured logo from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company at TumbleweedHouses.com