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From Many Voices – One Website. Each week, thousands of visitors from around the world contribute to the development and improvement of this site. We’re thankful to the many people help to improve and promote this site in so many ways:

  • Buy. Shoppers who buy at our store help generate revenue.
  • Click. People who click on ads (that they are genuinely interested in) help generate revenue.
  • Comment. Site visitors often provide feedback and suggestions for how to improve the site.
  • Consult. Clients who request computer support consulting services help provide revenue.
  • Link. News agencies, reporters, authors, businesses, and bloggers are linking to our site. This helps raise awareness and also increases our ranking.
  • Search. By searching for a topic on Google or a similar search engine, and choosing to click on a link to our site, you’ve helped increase our ranking in search engines.
  • Sponsor. Qualified sponsors and underwriters contribute financially to our site in exchange for being mentioned on our site.
  • Visit. For some, the contribution is somewhat effortless. Simply by visiting this site, you’ve contributed to our site traffic, boosting our site traffic rankings, which increases the market value of this site.
  • Volunteer. Our volunteer team consists of mostly students who contribute in all of the ways indicated above as well as helping with the administration of the site.
  • Write. Some people go beyond simply offering a suggestion to providing research notes or other content to help develop a complete article.
Content Contributors. We’d like to give recognition to those who provide inspiration and offer ideas for content. Contributors are listed alphabetically by first name.
Content Editors. Typos, stylistic problems, and spelling mistakes detract from any website. Yet, it takes a keen eye to identify these. Our primary content editor presently is Makur Jain.
  • Makur Jain – Editor, writer, and founder of MakurJain.com. Makur also provides inspiration and offer ideas for content as well as working behind the scenes on many aspects of organization administration and outreach.
Sponsors. We’d like to thank the following sponsors for donating financially and in other ways to help support our work and expand our reach.
Inspiration. We gain inspiration and support from a variety of sources who we’d like to recognize and thank.
  • ChabadIowaCity.com – A husband and wife team who, along with their five children, run an amazing outreach center in Iowa City as well as a website that reaches world-wide. Their weekly and seasonal email newsletters are an excellent source for material and inspiration.
  • ComingUnmoored.com – For inspiration in quality content, website design, and overall simplicity.
  • Oprah.com – For contacting us in early 2007 about a special show dedicated to promote our message of simpler smaller living. Offering free admission to join the studio audience in February 2007 for a recording of the show. In late 2008, redesigning the main home page navigation of their site to reflect the categories of life presented by our Holistic Living System. Their site recently went through a major makeover and now has departments for Spirit, Health, Relationships, Money, and World (Activism) — five of our seven holistic life areas — as the main categories of the site.
  • OrganicGreenAndNatural.com – Julia Wasson and Joseph Hennager are creative visionaries for planetary renewal, sustainability, and abundance.
  • VortexGifts.com – It’s more than just gifts. It’s a world of innovation, inspiration, and business expansion resources. The gift is in finding their website. Jonathan and Pamela Sabin are an invaluable source of solutions for success.