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The Quarrel at DR2 Theatre in New York City, September 2008

Jewish Life

Summary. During September of 2008, The Quarrel will be performed at DDR Theatre in New York City. Originally written as a play, The Quarrel is well known from the movie version. Gregory Johnson, Director of Resources for Life states, “I first saw The Quarrel as a movie. It was more than just thought provoking; it changed my life.” [ Photos | The Movie | Movie Resource PageThe Play ]

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Two estranged friends, torn apart by personal betrayal and uprooted by war, meet after years of separation. One has become an Orthodox rabbi, the other a secular writer. Their accidental meeting sparks a battle of wits that tests the limits of friendship, faith and tolerance. Engaging as it is timely, The Quarrel wrestles with universal themes of religious faith and moral identity. Based on a film by Brandes and Telushkin that was originally broadcast on PBS’s American Playhouse and has since won awards in eight different film festivals, both the film and the play are adapted from a short story by the acclaimed Yiddish writer Chaim Grade. The play sold out an extended run at the Playwrights Theater of New Jersey, and has entertained packed audiences across North America.




“…an immensely emotional work…the well-crafted script by David Brandes is riveting…”

– Los Angeles Times



“Splendid…A ferocious debate between the religious and secular worlds.”

– The Toronto Sun



“…sensitive & haunting…”

– Chaim Potok




 The Quarrel previews September 2 through September 4 and opens

September 7 with  performances through September 28


Sunday through Thursday at 8pm, and Sunday afternoons at 3pm.


At the request of the authors and performers, The Quarrel’s producers have taken the unusual step of foregoing performances

on the Jewish Sabbath (Friday sundown through Saturday sundown).


Rabbi Joseph Telushkin will lead post-show discussions on

Sunday, September 7th and Wednesday, September 24th.


 Tickets are $40 and $35; student tickets are $25. 

Individual tickets are available by



or by contacting Telecharge.com at 212-239-6200  


For group sales, sponsorship or advertising inquiries, please call 917-841-4420 or email gallant.arts@gmail.com


Rabbi Joseph Telushkin is a popular writer and lecturer whose books have made Jewish philosophy, theology, and history accessible to the broad public.  David Brandes was the executive producer, co-creator and writer of the Showtime TV series My Life As A Dog. He has written for shows including Fraggle Rock (Jim Henson Productions) and The Strangers (HBO) and produced several films. The Quarrel stars Reuven Russell (The Sunshine Boys with Mickey Rooney, Advice and Dissent with Eli Wallach), Sam Guncler (The Gathering with Hal Linden, Bug, Law and Order) and Federico Trigo. The Quarrel is directed by Robert Walden, who has earned three LA Critics’ Circle Awards and seven Dramalogue Awards for his directing work. He is a professor at the New School of Drama and has numerous stage and screen acting credits. The Quarrel is produced by Daniel Gallant, the new executive director of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe; by Matt Okin, founder of Black Box Entertainment; and by Melanie Sylvan, producer of the off-Broadway hit Stitching. For further information about The Quarrel (including a video excerpt of a past performance and interview with co-author Telushkin), please visit www.thequarreltheplay.com.


 For more production photos, please visit this link:



Photos by Ira Machefsky

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By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com