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“No Hard Feelings” – Review

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Introduction On the surface, the film “No Hard Feelings” seems to have a simple plot and story-line. It’s entertaining and thought provoking. While it shares some themes of similar movies, it introduces some contemporary insights and unique situations. Given the depth and breadth of topics, along with how it was written and produced, and the… Continue reading “No Hard Feelings” – Review

Lessons from Actors 2023

Photo by Paul Deetman on Pexels.com

Summary We imagine that successful actors rise to stardom through having had all the right opportunities combined with being confident before the camera and audiences. In reality, it’s often the least likely to succeed who seem to be the most likely to succeed as is evidenced by the list below. This page offers examples of… Continue reading Lessons from Actors 2023

Unity Through Cooperation

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Summary Unity is important for effective business outcomes and broader social wellbeing. Cooperation is the process of identifying the skills, insights, and interests of diverse people and groups, then leveraging those assets for greater outcomes. Cooperation is not Compromise There’s an incorrect belief that cooperation involves compromise. The most effective collaborative efforts happen when people… Continue reading Unity Through Cooperation

Target Pride Display 2023

Summary In May 2023, Target became the focus of a controversy over their Pride Display. Some products presented on a few shelves were setup in preparation for Pride Month which is observed in June to support the LGBTQIA+ community. Those opposed to the queer-themed products described them as a satanic effort to push transgender clothing… Continue reading Target Pride Display 2023

World Wedding Traditions 2022

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Summary This page provides a sampling of wedding videos from different cultures around the world. They are listed in chronological order with the most recent at the top. A description and date is provided for each video. Note that wedding videographers may not approve their videos for embedding on websites. So, they must be viewed… Continue reading World Wedding Traditions 2022

Glengarry Glen Ross

Photo by Nate on Pexels.com

Summary This page provides links to information about the film Glengarry Glen Ross as well as access to watch the film free on YouTube with ads. Brutalism and harsh authoritarianism is a style of leadership that has become popularized in recent years. As of November 2022, Elon Musk is managing Twitter in a style similar… Continue reading Glengarry Glen Ross

VALUES: Why monkeys (and humans) are wired for fairness

About “Fairness matters … to both people and primates. Sharing priceless footage of capuchin monkeys responding to perceived injustice, primatologist Sarah Brosnan explores why humans and monkeys evolved to care about equality — and emphasizes the connection between a healthy, cooperative society and everyone getting their fair share.” (TED, 21 Dec 2020) Video [Video Date:… Continue reading VALUES: Why monkeys (and humans) are wired for fairness

Christine Porath – The Economic Value of Civility, Respect, Decency, and Kindness

The videos below are various presentations by Christine Porath on the topic of civility and how the lack of civility in the workplace creates a toxic workplace and has a great economic cost. Respect, gratitude, kindness, empathy — these are not just proper ways to behave but they are the most effective ways to interact… Continue reading Christine Porath – The Economic Value of Civility, Respect, Decency, and Kindness

Humans are apex predators who consume entire habitats, and we have reached peak growth.

When hiking through a forest, it’s common to see a fallen tree that is being consumed by a combination of fungus, ants, and decomposition. The circle of life will eventually allow the tree to rot and turn into soil again. Xylophagy is a term used in ecology to describe the habits of an herbivorous animal… Continue reading Humans are apex predators who consume entire habitats, and we have reached peak growth.

RUMI – Quotes on Love and Relationships with the Arabic and English Translation (Music Video)

This video shares some love and relationship quotes by Rumi. The song is “Love” by Yehezkel Raz via ArtList. Music selection, images, and video production as well as the Arabic text and English translation are the work of Translation Beyond Words. Learn more about language and translation resources at https://resourcesforlife.com/language About Beyond Words

“Our commitments to racial equity” ~ Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

[The following message is from Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and Alphabet. The statement was shared with everyone in the company on 17 Jun 2020 and also published to the Google blog.] Hi everyone,  Over the past several weeks, violent and racist attacks against the Black community have forced the world to reckon with… Continue reading “Our commitments to racial equity” ~ Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

Seven Relationships of Business (Podcast E20)

In Episode #20, I discuss seven relationships of business that define the success and impact of a company. These relationships can help with decisions about what companies and organizations to work for and invest in. Listen using the Anchor Player Listen Using Our Website Player You can also download the show. Tap (or right click)… Continue reading Seven Relationships of Business (Podcast E20)