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THX Audio and Video Certification Standard and Implementation


An article posted 26 Feb 2018 by AVS Forum “THX Spatial Audio Platform Debuts at MWC 2018” offers the latest news about the THX standard. Some general background about the standard is found here on this page.

According to the THX website, “THX Select2 and Ultra2 Certified Receivers deliver the exact volume level used in the mix room by the sound designers ensuring that you hear exactly what the artist hears … when paired with matching THX Certified Select2 or Ultra2 loudspeakers.” The Select2 designation is for small to medium size rooms (12′ deep) and the Ultra2 specification is for rooms larger than 12′ or for those wanting to listen at higher volumes.

The THX standard was established by George Lucas and others in the film industry over 30 years ago and has resulted in the familiar THX audio clip at the beginning of most movies, sometimes creatively customized for specific movies (such as Amazing Life and Pixar).

Below is a series of videos developed by THX describing how a home theater system should be configured to provide the best theater audio experience. The example given shows how to customize a system to accommodate a unique setting. Each situation and solution will be unique.

1 – Introduction

2 – Room & Seating

3 – Display

4 – Front Speakers

5 – Subwoofer

6 – Surround Speakers

7 – AV Receiver and Electronics Selection and Placement

8 – Universal Remote Control

9 – Device Settings and Setup

10 – Speaker Aiming and Calibration

11 – THX Optimizer

THX Certified Video

Below is a video from Sharp about their THX certified 4K display technology. Read more on Sharp’s website.

By Greg Johnson

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