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Anthony Scaramucci CNN Interview with Chris Cuomo – 4 May 2018


“Anthony Scaramucci discusses Rudy Giuliani’s public comments about President Donald Trump and attorney Michael Cohen over the last few days as he sits down to talk to CNN’s Chris Cuomo.” ~ Description from YouTube video posted by CNN on 4 May 2018.

This video is provided here for educational purposes because it’s an example of a lengthy interview where both sides are given an opportunity to share their views and manage to clearly and respectfully articulate their message. Numerous issues are discussed. Some genuine complements are exchanged, despite differences of opinion. There will undoubtedly be people who side with the views of one or the other person in this video, but the point here is to focus on the style of dialog. Scaramucci has a way of explaining, describing, and framing events in a positive light despite sometimes challenging circumstances. Chris and Anthony both seem to be sincere in sharing and defending their sometimes opposing views.


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By Greg Johnson

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