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POLITICS – ABC Australia Interview with Steve Bannon 2.0

On 3 Sep 2018, Sarah Ferguson of ABC Australia spoke with Steve Bannon about his plans to take over the world – or at least promote a global populist revolution that supports his goals. In past interviews Bannon has seemed a bit disheveled, defensive, and critical. This has diminished his appeal and made him an easy target of critics. In this interview, he seems well rested, positive, cheerful, and complementary of the interviewer and the political movements opposing him. Note: As of 17 Nov 2018 this page has been updated to include additional videos featuring Steve Bannon.

Some additional examples of more recent Bannon interviews and presentations are below.

The Guardian (21 Nov 2018)

“Rightwing populists are on the rise across Europe. With European parliamentary elections approaching, they are being offered help from Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Over the last four months, the Guardian’s Paul Lewis followed his operation in Brussels, Rome and Venice – challenging Bannon over his media hype and the legality of his intervention.”

ABC News Australia (17 Nov 2018)

“Steve Bannon, former political strategist for Donald Trump, said he plans to work closely with the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban in the run-up to next year’s European Parliament elections.”

Oxford Union (16 Nov 2018)

“After a career in the Navy, investment banking, and Hollywood, Mr Bannon co-founded Breitbart News in 2006. He became the chief executive of Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign and subsequently served as White House Chief Strategist from the inauguration until August 2017. Since then, he has set up an organisation called The Movement, which is designed to promote right-wing economic nationalism in Europe ahead of the European Parliamentary Elections in 2019.”

Bloomberg Politics (11 Oct 2018)

Former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon sits down with Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait at the Bloomberg Invest Summit in London to discuss the growing support for populist and nationalist parties in Europe, and the effect of this constituency on the continent’s financial markets, economies and the future of globalization.

Real Time with Bill Maher (28 Sep 2018)

Another example of a more polished and polite Steve Bannon can be seen in the Bill Maher appearance below.

Steve Bannon 1.0

Below are some previous interviews and events with Steve Bannon.

Good Morning Britain (13 Jul 2018)

Financial Times (29 May 2018)

Channel 4 News (29 May 2018)

ČTK – Česká tisková kancelář (22 May 2018)

Further Viewing

Below are some Vice Media special reports from 10 Oct 2018 about Steve Bannon’s plans for Europe.

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