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PHOTOGRAPHY – Online Courses for Taking Photos, Camera Usage and Editing Software

There are many learning options for those wanting to develop their photo taking and editing skills. In addition to courses on camera settings ad how to use software like Adobe Lightroom, you’ll find courses focused on specific types of photography subjects such as portraits, weddings, food, architecture, animals, etc.

Most sites let you view the course curriculum, see some of the content, and view an introductory video from the instructor. So, you can choose the instructor(s) you feel are best suited for your learning style.

Here’s the short list of popular online classes:

  • Annie Leibovitz – The MasterClass.com website offers a photography masterclass from Annie Leibovitz. The cost is $90 one time or $180 per year for access to the entire collection of masterclass courses.
  • CreativeLive.com – Many courses from a variety of lesser known instructors for about $20 to $100 as well as many free photography courses.
  • Harvard – There are several photography courses offered by Harvard for free. They can be discovered by searching for photography on the Harvard site.
  • KelbyOne.com – Start for free then decide later if you want the Plus membership at $10/mo. with 300 courses or Pro membership at $20/mo. with 700+ courses. These courses are taught by Scott Kelby and dozes of other professional photographers.
  • LinkedIn Learning – Formerly Lynda.com as listed below, LinkedIn learning helps people gain additional credentials for their LinkedIn profile. The cost is $30 per month or $300 per year for unlimited access to all courses.
  • Lynda.com – There are over 27,000 photography courses available on Lynda which is now known as LinkedIn Learning. The cost is $30 per month or $300 per year for unlimited access to all courses.
  • New York Institute of Photography – These are tuition based courses with the top-tier program costing $630 or $900 paid in $60 per month installments. The courses page shows a listing of individual courses.
  • PluralSight.com – For $35 per month or $300 paid annually, you can gain access to courses on many topics including photography.
  • Skillshare.com – There are many specialized photography courses offered by Sillshare. Premium membership is $15 per month or $100 per year paid one-time providing access to 24,000 classes on many topics.
  • Udemy.com – Courses are typically $100 to $200 each. However, Udemy frequently offers courses on sale for $12 each. You can purchase as many as you like at the $12 price and have access to them forever. It’s possible that Udemy will use cookies to identify first time visitors to their site and entice them with 24-hour sales. There are currently about 400 photography courses available from Udemy.

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