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Swedish Photo Videographer Artist Jonna Jinton Shares Life in Sweden on YouTube

In 2010, Jonna Jinton moved from Gothenburg to Grundtjärn, Sweden. Now, eight years later, she shares her story through videos on YouTube. Selected videos are offered here along with the description provided by Jonna. See the bottom of this page for links to her website and social media channels. Below the links are some still images from “The story of my life” video.

The story of my life – From a dream to reality (27 Aug 2018)

This video is about how I changed my life 8 years ago, when I left the citylife and moved 1000 km to the north and started a new life close to nature. Close to all the things my heart was longing for. These 8 years have been so challenging and hard but also wonderful and magical in every single way. I have learnt so much from that day I came to the old house in this smal village in the forest with no money, no job and no plan on what I should do with my life.
But from that day I started living, for real. I started appreciating things that I had never even thought of when living in an apartment in the city. And I learnt that you can never feel the wonderful, comfort feeling of warmth if you have not yet been cold. I started with nothing but a dream. And today, I live my dream. Everyday I feel so thankful for still being able to live here in my little paradise deep in the forests in the north of Sweden, and working with all the things I love, and sharing my life with someone I love. In this video you get to see a short summary of these years. Of course, many details are not included since the video would be 2 years long if I would include all the things that happened along the way. But at least it tells my story in a big picture 🙂

ICE SWIM | Feeling the power from the cold (31 Oct 2018)

The winter is here again, and this time I wanted to prepare myself for this 6 cold months to come. This winter I want to feel the cold as a source of power, and not the opposite. I thought that taking a little swim in the ice cold water is the best way to start this winter, to really get into the very core of how cold feels like. Almost like a ritual. The ice swim become a symbol for not letting the cold take control of me. And it’s a way of testing myself. It’s a strange feeling to do something when my whole body tells me to not do it. This is something I will try to do regularly during this winter. Because taking a ice swim really has the most amazing effect on our body and mind. I have never, ever felt so full of live as the two times I have taken a swim in ice cold water. It’s like giving your body a power start.

CALLING THE WILD – Ancient Swedish Herdingcall (8 Nov 2018)

As some of you saw in my previous video I did some spontaneous kulning/herdingcall at the end of the vlog as I was out in the forest. And yesterday I decided to make it into a little song by adding some strings in the background and recording some vocals in the beginning and the end. So here it is! I hope you like it!


Earlier this year, I was challenged by Google Arts & Culture to make a video where I capture the sounds of the Swedish heritage. Other YouTube creators in different countries of Europe was challenged to do the same thing. Then, all our sounds would be mixed together into a song that would represent the sound of the European heritage. I felt so much for this project and really wanted to put my heart and soul into this, since I’ve always felt a special love for the cultural heritage. I really wanted to capture soul of the Swedish heritage and try to put a piece of it in my video. The sounds that I felt represented a part of the Swedish heritage, was the sound of the forest, the sound of the oldest Swedish instrument (Nyckelharpa, played by Niklas Roswall) and of course, kulning, the ancient Swedish herdingcall.

A BIG STEP IN MY LIFE | VLOG 9 (6 Nov 2018)

Life right now. Best friends, cute babies, big challenges and some really good echoes in the forest. And some kulning, of course. This two weeks will be a little bit special for me, since I am about to face one of the biggest steps in my musical career. Time to focus!

WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING? | VLOG 1 (27 Sep 2018)

I feel so excited about finally starting doing more videos and vlogs again. I have missed that so much! And I really want to thank you guys for asking me and showing interest in my vlogs. That was a huge inspiration for me to start doing vlogs again! So, from now on I will be much for active here on YouTube. I hope you will like following my life! I so much look forward this. Sending you all LOTS of love!

VLOG: Glimpses of my everyday life (10 Apr 2018)

Finally, I made a new vlog! I think my last one was in january, so it was about time. I filmed this vlog during a week in Marsch. I didn’t have so much to say, as you can notice (don’t you think we talk to much nowdays anyway) but I thought that sometimes words is not needed. I decided to put up the camera and record as much as possible, no matter what. I wanted to give you all a little closer look into my everyday life. To invite you into my home, and share moments of happiness, tiredness, mindfulness, weirdness and all of these little special moments that a week as a human being on this earth can bring 🙂 In my life, no day is similar to the other, but at least you get a little glimpse of how it can look like. And if you wonder where Johan is during most of this week, he was working in another city 🙂
I hope you like the video! Lots of love to you all!

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! | VLOG 7 (20 Oct 2018)

Thank you everyone for “holding your thumbs” as I said in my last vlog, which of course is the Swedish way of saying “Cross your fingers”. I am so incredible happy to finally share with you that me and Johan bought our first little house together. It’s a cottage located in the heart of the northern Swedish wilderness. Surrounded by endless forests, high mountains and dancing rivers and quiet lakes. I know, its a simple little cottage, but for us this means the world. Now we will have a little home in a place we love so much, that we can go to whenever we feel like.


This new, very long vlog from our last days contain a little bit of everything. A little tour on our second floor, a sneak peak into my wardrobe, a coffee break at my grand uncle Tage (that swears alot as you can see haha) and lots of night work. I also talk a little bit about the eBay auction I had a few weeks ago, where the painting ended up in the price of $10 300. Did the auction succeed?
I’ll let you know in the vlog!

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You can learn more a bout Jonna Jinton through her website and various social media channels.

  • PatreonPatreon.com/jonnajinton
  • Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/jonnajinton
  • Instagram @jonnajinton – http://www.instagram.com/jonnajinton
  • Jewelry webshop: http://www.jonnajintonjewelry.com
  • Blog: http://www.jonnajinton.se


Below are some still images from Jonna’s video from Aug 2018, “The story of my life.” These images convey the beauty of her videography and photography that reflect the beauty of Sweden. Click any image for a larger gallery view.

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