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Film and Movie Information Resources

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20080730-phoenix-az-duck-on-water-DSC07698Summary. Below are movie, video, and film information resources.

  • AOL Movies – “Movie showtimes, theaters, movie tickets, & everything movies – Moviefone”
  • Apple Movie Trailers – High definition movie previews that can be downloaded with QuickTime Pro.
  • Dove.org – Films that are most popular in theaters are typically those with a G, PG, or PG-13 rating. This is because most people don’t really like watching horror, violence, sex, and being exposed to vulgar language. The Dove Foundation is an organization offering a multi-faceted rating system for movies allowing viewers to avoid movies that have excessive and unnecessary violence, sex, horror, and vulgarity.
  • Google Movie Showtimes – Search theaters in your area by zip code.
  • IMDB.com – “The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a HUGE collection of movie information. We try to catalog every pertinent detail about a movie, from who was in it, to who made it, to trivia about it, to filming locations, and even where you can find reviews and fan sites on the web. We then do our best to present this information in a manner that is easy to search and access.”
  • Movies.com – “Movies.com is now part of the Fandango family. One of the Web’s top movie destinations, Fandango entertains and informs moviegoers with trailers, clips, celebrity interviews, photos, fan reviews and much more. Fandango offers moviegoers the ability to quickly select a film, plan where and when to see it, and skip the box office by guaranteeing tickets in advance for more than 15,000 movie screens. With Movies.com and Fandango, you’ll get the ultimate moviegoing experience. Be sure to sign up for your own Fandango account, as your Movies.com account will no longer be active. With your new Fandango account you can save a list of your favorite theatres, movies and celebs, sign-up to receive weekly e-mail updates and special offers, exchange buzz with other movie lovers, share reviews and more. We know you’ll be Fandangoing in no time!”
  • MPAA Listing – “As a consumer, there are plenty of sites that offer legal downloads such as CinemaNow, Ifilm, Movielink, Movieflix and more. You can also get show-times and tickets for movies playing in local theatres online. There are also many options available to buy or rent movies, without even having to leave your home. For students, services such as Cdigix and Ruckus are becoming readily available on college and university campuses across the nation.”
  • MSN Movies – “MSN Movies provides exclusive movies features, trailers and movie clips, movie listing and showtimes, celebrity photos, gossips and news.”
  • New York Times – “Find movie reviews & breaking news on actors & actresses, studios, Hollywood, DVD & Video, Oscars, new releases, independent film, movie trailers, showtimes, movie tickets.”
  • Video Recording and Production Tips
  • Yahoo Movies – Showtimes, reviews, trailers, recommendations, and more.

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com