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Jon Huntsman has been selected to serve in five U.S. presidential administations. He’s a politician who avoids the ‘politics’ of politics and instead focuses on public service. As of 2020, he is running to be Governor of Utah. Throughout decades of service, Huntsman pursues creative and innovative collaborative solutions that can be implemented in a way to produce positive outcomes for people and the world we live in. The videos below will introduce you to Jon. For more information about a variety of politicians and political news visit ResourcesForLife.com/politics

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Values and Strengths

In addition to career skills and experiences, the values and strengths of an individual are indicators of their success. Here are some of the values and strengths of Jon Huntsman: collaborator, compassionate, competent, continuous improvement advocate, creative, family centered, good listener, outcomes focused, sincere, trustworthy. Huntsman demonstrates the benefits of combining working hard and working smart.

Accolades and Praise

“Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. has dedicated his life to public service and has consistently been an effective leader for the great people of Utah. The experience he has garnered on the global stage serving our nation as US ambassador to Russia, China and Singapore will help open up new prosperous markets for Utah. The diplomatic acumen cultivated over a lifetime in dedication to the greater good, makes him uniquely qualified to bring people together, especially as we navigate our way through a global pandemic and emerge stronger and more hopeful than ever.” ~ Condoleeza Rice

Expected Outcomes

Given Huntsman’s experience, qualifications, and broad appeal, it is likely he will be the next Governor of Utah. There will be numerous benefits to Utah, America, and other countries from Huntsman’s leadership.

ABILITY. As an ambassador to China and Russia, Huntsman brings insights from a global perspective. As an entrepreneur and business leader, there are practical and pragmatic approaches to challenges. He is able to bring people together for collaborative initiatives.

ECONOMY. Utah has exceptional workforce readiness with individuals and companies producing a surplus of products and services of great market value. This bolsters the economy in Utah providing revenue that can be reinvested in communities on education and infrastructure.

VACATION DESTINATION. The wilderness, mountains, and natural beauty in Utah make the state a desired vacation destination for people from all over the world. This means that Utah has a higher number of steak-holders than residents. Individuals and businesses from outside Utah care about the wellbeing of the state. This results in people outside Utah being willing to support and cheer for Utah’s success.

SERVICE. Because of it’s business and industry, as well as it’s history and traditions, Utah is a service-centered state, and service focused leaders thrive there. It’s anticipated that many positive outcomes from Utah will serve to help others – primarily in the area of education, research, and innovative solutions for many industries. This can benefit communities that don’t have the money for developing innovations and solutions for challenges they face.


It’s expected that the following sectors and interest areas will be positively impacted. The innovative developments will likely be shared with other states and communities. These are interdependent areas that support and enhance one-another.

  • Business – For businesses to be successful, there need to be supportive ecosystems that foster productivity and success such as thriving communities, abundant inexpensive energy, education that leads to workforce readiness, and perks that draw the best employees. Utah has these, and can build upon them.
  • Education – Expect to see greater investments in K-12 education as well as programs to ensure that all Utah residents have access to college and vocational training, along with business partnerships and mentoring to ensure career success. Because state governors work together, it’s likely Utah would look to other states to find out what is working elsewhere. In February of 2020, Tennessee made the biggest investment in their state’s history into K-12 education and that state also has a special college program that gives every Tennessean access to college and vocational training. Each state has unique workforce needs so it’s likely Utah would create a program to meet the state’s needs, but other states can provide examples of what works and what doesn’t work.
  • Development – Utah needs to meet the growing residential and business infrastructure needs of its residents, as well as the growing needs of those seeking to visit Utah. It’s well known that national parks are overwhelmed with visitors every year. Look to Utah to see emerging innovative ways that Utah will foster and support well planned development. Investments in development have the added benefit of creating jobs.
  • Communities – There are many examples of new innovations in livable and walkable communities. The most popular are communities where people can find work, education, shopping, and nature within walking distance or a bike ride from home. Public transit can play a role in making communities more livable and economically viable.
  • Infrastructure – Utah is poised to make an investment in infrastructure that will serve to provide more reliable, efficient, and enjoyable access to residential, business, employment, retail, and wilderness destinations. Investments in infrastructure have the added benefit of creating jobs.
  • Sustainability – Countries and states are always seeking energy independence and looking for ways to protect and improve their natural resources. Sustainability initiatives and renewable energy can help produce economic growth and preserve Utah’s great natural resources. We can expect there will be innovations that combine business and education programs. Utah is expected to expand upon their role as a leader in the nation for innovative sustainability initiatives that promote rather than restrain business growth and prosperity.
  • Wilderness – Utah has some exceptional wilderness nature destinations. In America and around the world, beautiful natural destinations are dwindling. It’s getting more difficult to find pristine nature destinations and more people are seeking them. The need for escaping to nature to recharge is increasing in our stress-filled world. Limited resources such as gold grow in value as they become more scarce. That’s a combination that will result in Utah being a highly desirable vacation destination and location for those in hospitality or retail who serve the tourism industry. Think of Utah as a stock that will just keep going up in value. When a state is able to ‘sell’ experiences in nature, it’s a ‘product’ that is never diminished. When someone hikes on trails and looks at mountains, after they leave, the mountains are still there. It’s a valuable resource and income source that is never depleted.


Articles are provided in chronological order with the most recent at top.

  • Deseret News, Lisa Riley Roche, 7 Feb 2020 at 7:06 CT. “Huntsman names Provo mayor as his running mate in governor’s race” Excerpt: “Former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., who announced Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi as his running mate Friday in his bid for a third term as Utah’s governor, said he knew right away that she should be his pick for lieutenant governor.” [More…]


Provo Town Hall (20 Feb 2020)

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“My Pledge to You” (14 Feb 2020)

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Utah’s Greatest Resource Is Our People (31 Dec 2019)

The most important thing we can do is to secure the future and secure opportunities for the next generation of Utahns. Utah is a competitive state and people want to be here; whether it’s economy, education, transportation, air quality, or many other pressing issues, overall growth is the big picture.

Fox 13 News – Utah (28 Oct 2019)

Bob Evans speaks with Jon Huntsman Jr. about his time as Ambassador to Russia and other topics.

Wall Street Journal (14 Jun 2016)

Jon Huntsman Describes Trump’s Republican Party. In a discussion with WSJ’s Gerard Baker at CFO Network, Jon Huntsman, chairman of the Atlantic Council, describes the factions within the Republican party that have risen up during the 2016 election cycle.

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