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“Intifada 3.0” – VICE News Report on Israeli-Palestinian Violence (Oct 2015)

This series of reports by VICE News covers an increase of Israeli-Palestinian violence in the late 2015. The videos are listed by date posted to YouTube. WARNING: This video includes images of violence and conflict.

DISPATCH 1 – Clashes in the West Bank (14 Oct 2015)

The latest spasm of violence in Israel has left seven Israelis and at least 30 Palestinians dead. On Wednesday, a day when at least two stabbing attacks on Israeli Jews were reported, VICE News correspondent Aris Roussinos traveled to the West Bank to see if the apparently leaderless youth-led revolt has spiraled into the Third Intifada.

DISPATCH 2 – Locking Down Jerusalem (15 Oct 2015)

The Holy City is on high alert after a series of seemingly random stabbings of Israeli Jews by young Palestinians. In recent days, authorities have imposed a series of new checkpoints to put the city’s Jewish community at ease. But the new security measures have made life very difficult for ordinary Palestinians.

DISPATCH 3 – Day of Rage (16 Oct 2015)

Hamas calls for a “day of rage” which begins before sunrise with Palestinian protestors setting ablaze the Jewish holy site, the Tomb of Joseph, in Nablus. VICE News travels there soon after to witness the aftermath.

DISPATCH 4 – Death of a Stone-Thrower (17 Oct 2015)

Tension builds in Israel and the West Bank with three new stabbing attacks on Israelis reported on Saturday, and the funeral for a young Palestinian stone-thrower killed by Israeli forces in Nablus. VICE News attends the funeral, where grief turns to rage and calls for revenge.

DISPATCH 5 – The Heart of the Conflict (19 Oct 2015)

VICE News visits one of the most disputed pieces of land in the world, a holy site for Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem’s Old City that’s become the focal point of the latest wave of violence.

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