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Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Farming – Patagonia Documentary

PART 1: Big Agriculture Is Broken

Growing food and fiber with industrial techniques has devastated our climate. Conventional agriculture contributes up to 25% of the emissions driving the climate crisis. But there’s another way. Regenerative Organic methods can build healthy soil which helps draw carbon back in the ground.

Part 2: Soil Is the Solution

Because healthy soil traps carbon, many believe that Regenerative Organic farming methods have the potential to change the way we grow food and fiber and restore the health of our soil and climate. These practices help build healthy soil that could help draw down more carbon from the atmosphere than conventional methods.

Part 3: What We’re Doing (and Why)

Regenerative Organic agriculture could be a viable way to help stop climate change before it’s too late. In 1996, Patagonia decided to exclusively use organic cotton and recycled cotton. Now we’re taking our commitment even further by growing the cotton in our clothes with Regenerative Organic methods. The highest organic standard, this farming method supports people and animals working together to restore the health of our planet to create a brighter future.

[Above Videos Dated: 29 Jul 2020. Posted: 23 Aug 2020]

Unbroken Ground | A New Old Way to Grow Food

Unbroken Ground explains the critical role food will play in the next frontier of our efforts to solve the environmental crisis. It explores four areas of agriculture that aim to change our relationship to the land and oceans. Most of our food is produced using methods that reduce biodiversity, decimate soil and contribute to climate change. We believe our food can and should be a part of the solution to the environmental crisis – grown, harvested and produced in ways that restore our land, water and wildlife. The film tells the story of four groups that are pioneers in the fields of regenerative agriculture, regenerative grazing, diversified crop development and restorative fishing. (4 Aug 2016)

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