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Remote Computer Access Options — Login Remotely to Your Work/Office or Home Computer


This document offers a list of some services that offer remote access to a home or work computer.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop [Cost: $0]

Google offers remote desktop software that is configured using Google Chrome. There is no cost to the service. You will need a Gmail account to setup the software. After installing the software, your computer will be accessible from Chrome on any computer where you have logged in using your Google account. Setup and use the software at remotedesktop.google.com — You may want to get help from your tech support person to get this setup initially.

Splashtop [Cost: $60 / year]

For more remote features, a paid service like Splashtop may be a good choice. [Learn More] The pricing is available for a single user or groups of users. Pricing starts at $60 per year. [Learn More]

LogMeIn [Cost: $35 – $44 / month]

A service like LogMeIn is a bit more expensive, but has additional features and support that some people may want. [Learn More]

TeamViewer [Cost: $50 / month]

Tech support professionals wanting to assist numerous customers may want to use TeamViewer due to the additional features it offers. [Learn More]

Honorable Mention

Microsoft Remote Desktop software is included with Microsoft Windows Pro. [Learn More] Most people have Microsoft Windows Home and would need to purchase the Pro version or buy an upgrade license. [Learn More] Accessing a computer remotely may require a VPN connection, or access through a firewall.

Microsoft Quick Assist software is available on all Windows computers and allows remote support, but requires a person be present at both ends of the connection, and a Microsoft account is required. So, it is better suited for support situations rather than working from home, unless someone at your office can assist you with making a connection. [Learn More] If disabled, the software would need to be enabled by a user account with administrator access. [Learn More]

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com

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