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Wildfire News 2022

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This page contains selected reports about wildfires which are mostly in the western United States. The reports are listed in chronological order with headings for the source news agency name.

CBS Mornings (6 Sep 2022)

“High temperatures, droughts fuel deadly wildfires across West Coast” — Record-breaking temperatures are fueling intense wildfires in Southern California that have killed at least two people and injured at least one more. Kara Finnstrom has the latest on the string of blazes across the state.

NBC News (5 Sep 2022)

“Heat Wave, Explosive Wildfire Scorching California” — An unrelenting heat wave along with an out of control wildfire is scorching California. In the town of Weed, California, two were killed as the explosive blaze tore across roughly 100 homes. Firefighters are also responding to more calls for help as 46 million are impacted by the heat.

NBC News (3 Sep 2022)

“California Faces Explosive Fire Amid Blazing Temperatures” — Amid record-breaking heat, an explosive wildfire is bringing devastation to Northern California. Over 7,000 people were forced to evacuate near the small town of Weed. Dozens of homes have also been incinerated. 46 million Americans will spend the holiday weekend in dangerous heat as temperatures hit triple-digits for the sixth consecutive day. Fears grow to see if power companies can meet surging demand.

ABC News (23 Jul 2022)

“Massive California wildfire erupts” — Entire hillsides are engulfed in flames and forcing people to evacuate their homes.

60 Minutes (26 Jun 2022)

“Taking the fight to the night against California’s wildfires with new helicopters” — Bill Whitaker reports on the largest helicopter to ever fight fires at night, used in California as the state faced one of its most intense fire years ever.

Today (12 May 2022)

“Wildfire Along California Coast Fueled By Dry Conditions, High Winds” — A fast-moving inferno burning in California is being fueled by a dangerous combination of powerful ocean winds and bone-dry conditions. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY and Al Roker is tracking the latest forecast.

Older News Reports

Landmark Stories (11 Sep 2021)

“The West is Burning” — The West is Burning raises awareness about the conditions of forests in the western U.S. Told through a full-feature documentary, we examine the history of forest management and litigation that led to the current conditions which are causing catastrophic fire nearly year-round. The film explores the urgent need to act now, and the potential to generate positive change in our forests, watersheds, and communities, both rural and urban.

Chris Kam (27 Jun 2021)

“Behind The Burning Vines” — From director Will Twomey, and cinematographer Chris Kam, Behind The Burning Vines shares the untold stories from the heroes of California’s wildfires. For Northern California residents like themselves, wildfires are a familiar sight—started by a downed power line, or cigarette tossed by a careless driver. Inspired by the selfless actions of their community members during these fires, Chris and Will set out to document their stories. The Glass Fire, was their unfortunate opportunity. Follow along as they embed with firefighters, animal evacuators, and business owners in the most destructive fire season in California history.

Directed by: Will Twomey
Director of Photography: Chris Kam
Executive Producer: Charles Musser
Produced by Chris Kam and Will Twomey

Wall Street Journal (1 Sep 2020)

“The Science of Wildfires: Why They’re Getting Worse” — Global satellite data indicate wildfires are becoming bigger and more intense. WSJ talks with NASA’s Doug Morton to understand the science behind what’s making the planet more flammable and making fires harder to control.

60 Minutes (29 Oct 2019)

“Fire in Paradise” — A year after the devastating Camp Fire, FRONTLINE examines who’s to blame and why it was so catastrophic. With accounts from survivors and first responders, the documentary tells the inside story of the most destructive fire in California’s history, its causes and the impact of climate change.

60 Minutes (4 Nov 2019)

“Paradise Lost: Inside California’s Camp Fire” — From the archives: In 2018, 60 Minutes reported on what firefighters saw as the deadliest wildfire in California history destroyed the town of Paradise.

Dave Malkoff (20 Feb 2019)

“FireStorm” — An in-depth look at the men and women who fight the most dangerous a deadly wildfires in the United States. Dave Malkoff hosts this documentary. [View on YouTube]

Weather Films (30 Dec 2013)

“America Burning: The Yarnell Hill Tragedy and the Nation’s Wildfire Crisis” — On June 30, 2013, 19 firefighters from Granite Mountain Hotshots crew were killed battling a wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona. Huge questions remain about the last moments of their lives. Why did they move out of a safe area in their final minutes of life? Why did the fire move so quickly? Could their deaths have been prevented? The tragedy also raises a crucial environmental issue: Has the very act of fighting wildfires made our forests more dangerous. Weather.com investigates in this original documentary.

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